Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I am feeling old because I am feeling sick and felt inclined to tell ALL people what ails me like old people tends to do. Then suddenly I remembered my arwah grandmother who had paranoia and used to think that every single noise in the dead of the night was created solely in purpose to annoy/frightened/drive her further into paranoia.

I missed my grandmother. I reserved the right when I am old and cranky to spew out any nonsense I can, not (just) because I have paranoia, but just because I can.

My eyes caught a news item mentioning NUBE is collecting signatures to petition government in increasing the maternity leave from 60 days to 90 days. Anything that promotes holiday, I am all for it! Honestly, I was shocked to learn that Malaysia maternity leave (private sectors mostly), is only at 60 days. I really did thought before this that the maternity leave is 90 days minimum. (Nampak sangat tak baca employment contract betul-betul. Hehe). The thing is, I was browsing though people opinions regarding the matter and came across a blog where there was a discussion going on where the women commenting on it turned the topic to breastfeeding. Mainly their mad hate to women who bottle feed their babies.

Honestly, reading a few mummy blogs here and there, the hate towards women who don't breastfeed their children is ridiculous. You would think that these women are accusing that bottle-feeding is equivalent to giving babies cyanide. If I ever have a child and the need to bottle feed the baby ever arise, I would be afraid to buy baby formula milk in fear of women around the supermarket would suddenly come up together as a mob, pulled me by the hair outside and throw stones at me for abusing my poor child, Malena style.

Oh, today on the way to lunch I was walking behind a woman wearing skirt. As per usual, I am walking and reading at the same time and I noticed that a man staring intently at the woman in front of me. Which I then noticed the incredibly high slit at the back of her skirt almost to her buttocks. Suffice to say, I didn't continue my reading. I am totally perverted, I know. But seriously, a slit that high,  you just have to look .  It took me a while to snap out of my reverie , so I then walked a bit faster to walk ahead of her so that I would not be caught ogling at another person butts. Though I am sure people would only notice THE SLIT if they are behind her too.

Have now stopped using Himalaya skin products. It was ok at first, then after about a month, pimples come up like they are having a party. Gah! Not that I have baby smooth face, tapi the pimples come up reasonably. Sebelum period, pimples come up 1 or 2 at most. Fine. Its the course of life, womanhood, bla bla bla. But when I have 4 and 5 coming up at the same time, mulalah aku berdrama. I used my brother Oxy face wash first, and the pimples had back a retreat and continuing using Simple again . Bah!


iceroll said...

hah the three-ness, gambar?? hahaha

Soraya Zainal said...

two-ness - hehe.. i am formula baby. not any formula but goat's milk only :P my mom did not breastfeed me and i was allergic to dairy product.

pelik tengok orang yg benci sgt2 org kasi baby susu formula neh, i am the living proof and i still lead my life healthily... with quite a good IQ summore. hehe

okay, maybe im not the right person to comment on this topic since im not married and hacing a baby on my own yet~

ehe just my seposen :P

taqiyuddin bakir said...

about th 90 days thinggy. it could be a double edged sword though. ask too much and employers will start to shy away from hiring women. but i'm sure you don't really care about that anyways.

Dils said...

No pics for sauce. haha. Aku nk tengok kalo ko berani amik ke tak.

Betul la kan? Maybe both of us not qualified nak komen sebab belom ade anak, tapi still macam ridiculous the amount of hate itu. Hahaha.

Harap2 jangan la aku macam tu, and try to be understanding sket.

Indeed, indeed, but honestly I really do think that 90 days should be allocated for mother. It is beneficial to both the mom and the child. Not that 60 days is not enough but many also opt to take unpaid leave for another month, especially if the child is sickly or underweight.

As for employers balking, well, consider this, even countries kat Africa allocated 12 weeks for maternity, a developing country as Malaysia?

This also come to another point that our union (worker union ) is not really strong.

But as much as I do think that the 90 days should be given, I am also of the opinion that employer would give reason that 60 days was enough then, it should be now.

And isn't there a quote somewhere, by being unreasonable (and loud), we get the advancement that we enjoyed today ( and think its the norm).

FrH said...

oo yeahh, mee too looking forward for the 90days maternity leave. spore itself have 4monhts maternity leave, lagi gile ..

ckp psl bf, aku pn menyampah kalo baca blog org2 bf hardcore ni (walopon aku bf, tp aku xla mental mcm diorang nih). belagak bukan main .. skali Allah tarik rezeki tu baru tau .. *try to avoid baca blog bf hardcore nih*

Dils said...

Tu la, singapore 112 days tak silap aku. 3 bulan je pon, Australia 1 tahun lagi ( kalo ade gaji kena potong tu aku tak sure)

Pasal BF. Ade setengah tu cakap, main lepas je. Punyeler surenye die orang what is right and what is wrong.

shu said...

hoh best nya maternity leave 112 days. aih. UK dpt 6 months. and ada option to extend up to a year with terms & conditions i think. best best.

Pasal BF - maybe some ppl rasa dia lah best mother on earth, org lain sume salah. tapi, i think no mom would give any less than 100% to our kids. so ape pun kita buat, sure for the best interest of anak kita kan.. pedulikkan orang lain.

immabastard said...

This bastard thinks that some mommies are so full of themselves without even knowing how their kids are going to turn out [Anti Mommy Bloggers who Overdo Things].

Fuck shit. Hitler, Unabomber, Karpal Singh, rapists and molestors...maybe some of these fuckers were breast-fed - didn't help them at all.

Crap. The way u were talking about checking out the ass, I tot you were a guy, until the whole "period" topic came up.

Shake that booty:)

Obefiend Weiland said...

i dont have pimples. i only use dettol sabun busa


mrs weiland is pissed that i dont have any pimple despite using zero specified facial products!


[re-arrange] said...

breastfeed or not, do it in mediocre. yeah breastfeed can improve mom-baby relationship, but like anything that's overdone - it will spoil the baby. nuff said.

the slit takes more interest of me. OMNOMNOM :P

Dils said...

Shu, betul2. All moms want the best for the child, snang kate jangan be too judgmental je la kut.

Hahaha, if you ask some people, Hitler may had been born by a goat. But its true, sama je kan. Upbringing tu penting.

I will check any gender ass gay, straight, man, woman if they are shaking that booty.

You're lucky!

I would be pissed if my other half have better skin than me. I would prefer to be the better looking. Haha.

Hehehehe. The slit is infinitely more interesting than breastfeeding

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