Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Its been a while since I blog

Thinking to upload pics but then this laptop sucks so I need to get back at home first to edit my pic then posted it up.

Boring betul balik keje ni and the office is empty. Not really empty because boss is here. And my computer is also acting up. Idiot computer.

Was wanting to write some sorta review for a book, but I am feeling lazy so I am gonna skipped that, and hell, let me just write briefly that The Golden Compass trilogies of book: The Northern Lights, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass is awesomely complicated, somewhat disturbing sometimes and somewhat inappropriate read for children.

The first book was a lightweight, but by second and third it got heavy and there is nothing cheerful going on its a bit depressing. There's a lot of death among the characters children included so its not the usual children books that are  happy, happy, joy, joy.

But it is interesting and engrossing. But for me to believe that at age 13, you can experience A LOVE LIKE NO OTHER is a bit far fetched. Thinking again, Romeo and Juliet was written as 13 (Juliet) and 15 (Romeo). Though some do said both are twelve then. Hoh.



mommy nazeef said...

hi dils...bile nak blanje kat da gardens??ahaks...

iceroll said...

Gahhh Harry Potter pun sama. Awal2 mcm lightweight, tp lps tuh too many deaths involved. What with Children's books aaa nowadays?

Dils said...

Hehehehe... bile ko nak belanja aku kat Alamanda?

Prolly should ade tag, children book but not for children?

Anonymous said...

harry potter is being commercialized, so the writer thought some death would be okay i guess.

hey i have the northern lights but not the 2nd and 3rd. pinjam! (whenever later2 kalau aku remember nk mintak pinjam blk lah hahaha :P)

Dils said...

Boleh aje nak pinjam.

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