Monday, February 22, 2010

Things seems to be moving slowly today huh?

Am really lazy today. Can't wait for the 3 days hols. Then no more public hols till May. Boo! Gotten  anemail on some impending works, and am afraid its gonna be more busy for me in a few days time, so better start blogging now, spewing some random stuffs out would work.

I am feeling shaky all day too. Nothing to it, probably would be ok tomorrow.

Had now move into the house. The kitchen is completed, I don't feel like showing pics because it just a place to cook and wash plates, and also a laundry area plus drying area plus kitties area. Want to see, come over to my house~! I can't cook (for people digestion, for my own I am fine with it) but at least I will have drinks.

Speaking of kitties, last night was my first night at the house. And just I was about to doze into sleep, I noticed at our bedroom window, this silhouette (bayang-bayang). 

 A poorly drawn depiction of Fasha hanging onto the grills. I didn't draw the grills, its not the focal point here.

She climbed up to the first floor of our bedroom window and demanded to be let in by mewing. So  when we let her in, she asked to be let out to go at the back of the house. Mengada ok. So I left the window ajar a bit before going back to bed again, so she can climb up again at the dead of the night and let herself in easily. Kurap we already had settled in our room, because she get agitated if there is no human around so she was sleeping on the bedside table beside me. But I woke up to the sound of Fasha in the room and when she realized I am awake, she quickly jump on the bed to bite me to let me know  " I wanna go outside now , thank you very much."

It feels weird having a whole house to our own. I am used living with my sisters or friends or family that a house with only the both of us, feels very grown uppish, and I myself am feeling like playing house. Ah well, the bad thing is housekeeping chores are on me now. Bah!


iceroll said...

Maybe it is time already to hire a maid? hahaha

Soraya Zainal said...

having a whole house on your own is only good when you dont think about the housekeeping :P

sungguh rindu mase renting a small room in a small flat. housekeeping only takes 1-2 hours the most :(

Anggunnya said...

having a house all for yourself with just the two of u (or one) is tiring. this is my 2nd week cleaning and arranging stuff in my new house.

penattt... ni tak habis lagi kemas. nak upah orang, mahal sangat pulak. baik gi beli handbag sebijik ke dua. kihkihkih

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Dils said...

Ade gak terpikir part time maid, datang 2 minggu sekali untuk mop, lap, sapu semua. Nanti aku consider. Hahaha.

Betul, dah la aku ni lembap buat keje.

Itu la. Rase macam nak upah orang, tapi sayang jugak nak keluarkan duit sebab bole buat sendiri, cuma penat je la. Hahaha.

shu said...

i hate the chores too. very much.

but i love my privacy. so somehow, i like living sendiri with my small family..

frH said...

wahh dah pindah umah baru. kalau ada house warming jgn lupe text aku yawww. hehe. house warming apa pon jadik laa .. ghaghagha.

haha. mmg xbestnye dok umah sendiri is housekeeping chores. yg bestnye kau bleh buat wayang hindustan from living room to kitchen to toilet to the next room and the next other room ;)

frH said...

* house warming air pon jadik laa .. ghaghagha.

Dils said...

Yeah. The privacy is kinda nice, tapi macam pelik jugak pon ade. Heh.


Kalo jadiii, aku mesti bagitaw punyeeer.

[re-arrange] said...

ah, u know what interested me most for a new house all to myself?


cmon cmon... show us the book rack! hehehehehehehehehehheeh :P

Dils said...

Hhahahha. Nanti akan aku show jugak. Sekarang tak tersusun lagi.

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