Friday, July 31, 2009

Rumbles of Rambles

Entri Hari Jumaat. Tidak berapa TGIF sebab ini bermakna my week long WFH is about to end. NOOOOO! Its been kinda nice. Days lazing around, in between work watching my series. Dengan ini aku telah habiskan tengok 90210 and today Reaper. At long last aku bole start Lipstick Jungle.

Anyway another pointless rambles today. But with pictures. I say it had been long since I posted a round of pics. So lets get on with it. And setelah aku berusaha cari atas bawah on my USB for the phone then hari ni baru la jumpa (rupanye bawah katil jee) and can posted pics. Let me remind you, the reason why my entries so lacking in pics sebab sifat semulajadi yang malas berganda-ganda untuk mentransfer gamba from camera/phone to PC. I don't know why, I am just built that way.

So first round of pics is umai! MIL remembered that my family (mainly my BIL) love eating umai the last time they are there. So she brought the main ingredients of umai to us via my husband. Sambal belacan cili tumbuk, limau nipis and the flesh of ikan tenggiri.

In process of campur the ingredients dan mengaul-gaul.

Looked at how pink the tenggiri is. Oh for close up

Yes it does look kinda dodgy but think of it as another variant of sushi.

Its a local dish from Sarawak where you put in fresh seafood in with various ingredients as above. I think the ingredients may varies from one household to another but it basically is raw fish digaul with cuka, cili and limau to 'masak' it. And Sarawakians usually accompany it with sagu (the combination of crunchy and squishy is nice). Pretty darn great. Depends on what fish you want to put in, tapi my MIL prefer tenggiri. Tho my husband said the last weekend he went back they had some umai obor-obor. That sounds delish!

So the dish is served to mainly the men in the family. Adik-adik aku yang before this didn't get to taste it before at Bintulu sudah dapat rase. Alisha nak lain kali? Hehe. Tho I did think my MIL punyer is more superior. Adelah tu mende terkurang or terlebih.

As only the tenggiri being supplied adalah banyak so ada la plak leftover. Which I gave to Fasha (few days later) since umai is best eaten fresh . I think she didn't much like the taste of belacan or cili(?) that came with it, tapi die bedal jugak. Hehehe.

Mengingatkan aku yang pagi tadi I found her at dapur with tupperware bergelimpangan sebab die kelaparan and cari makanan. Hoh. And so I end this entry with a pic of Fasha yang makin bulat, membulatkan diri.

Oh gamba ni gelap la. Ah. Lantak la. Aku malas edit mahupon cari gamba lain. So there's pics and that's that.


Correction: Ops! Silap! In the umai tadek belacan la. Just cili tumbuk. But letak belacan mcm sedap jugak je. Hurmph....


Anasfadilah said...

umai?sedap ek? shud try nanti,ask my sister to bring some from sarawak..hheh

fasha makan belacan?hahaha

Dils said...

Sedap jugak la. But actually wat kat rumah pon boleh. Just need to have really fresh fish. Hehe. Ops correction tadek belacan la. Sambal je. Cili tumbuk. Hehe

shu said...

at first glance aku igt cencalok..

umai rupenyer... (ceh, mcm tawu je..)

Obefiend said...

nampak macam bubble gum


fasha sleeps like a human! haha

Dils said...

Ah ye. Cencalok mcm pink-pink jugak kan. Can't remember the taste. Hurmm..

Hehe... Well. YOU can give it a try. And after my MIL teringin nak goreng ape tu ulat yang people usually eat tu... I will posted it up and urged you to also try it~

There are more human like poses Fasha tido with that I havent manage to capture

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