Friday, July 24, 2009

Concerning Various

Okeh. Mari random rambles.

1. Husband had left for Bintulu. So girls jom jimba-jimba? Ops. Mahu kena panah petir ni. Takpe he said " No jalan-jalan sangat". Jalan-jalan jee die cakap jangan. So MAKAN-MAKAN takpe, OK.

2. This is my last day at the office. In the next 2 weeks, my office would be moving smack in the middle of Midvalley. At the Gardens specifically. I foresee some dire financial circumstances that will befall me.

3. I would certainly missed eating at Krathong, Maju Junction (Sedap gile tomyam die) and gerai bawah pokok (they have some pretty decent kerabu perut).

4. I am pretty bummed that I can't go to Bintulu this weekend for reason that I will tell you girls later. Dah teringat masakan Sarawak yang sedap. In the mean time, aku ulang, mari la cheer up aku.

5. Next week for the whole week, due to office gigih in the process of mempacking, me and several others will be working from home. Wooot! Ini makna, aku boleh kerja dengan memakai baju tidur dan tak payah mandi awal-awal pagi. Takyah mandi langsung pon boleh, kecuali I don't think my family members would approve.

6. Finished reading Sleeping with the Fishes by Mary Janice Davidson. It merit a just OK la. A bit of a crappy writing. Rather vulgar and shocking. I guess it was shockingly vulgar to me after the prim story weaving of the Historian. Which made me realized it more that I always preferred Brit writers, especially chic lit ones. Probably that I like their type of 'dry' humour and writing. Back to the author, I did bought several of her works, on her vampire series. Let's see if I liked that better.

7. Hurm... Tadek idea dah. Blog later!


Some said...

huuu..tak sampai sehari hasben kt bintulu, dh ada plan jimba2....jgn terlebih makan...

Obefiend said...

how the hell do you read so fast? huhuhu

Dils said...

Ops. Busted. :P

Heh. I am known as the girl who went everywhere with a book. Tunggu ATM, baca buku, tunggu lif, baca buku. Traffic light baca buku.

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