Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Merchant of Bollywood

Around last week, went to watch the Merchant of Bollywood musical at Istana Budaya with Gohan terchenta. We bought the ticket monthss back (to get the discount) and almost forgotten we were planning to watch the show.

Gamba kelam tatkala intermission

And as usual, I am not in a chatty mood so... point forms ahead.

The good:
  • Good opening number
  • Incredible dancers with great energy and flair. They can go round and round tirelessly.
  • The cast, especially the female and male lead have great chemistry which make it more enjoyable.
  • Beautiful dance. The classical dance was exquisite. The modern one is just as energetic and fun.
  • The enthusiasm of the cast in lifting up the crowd cries and fervor for MORE!MORE!MORE! And the cast oblige.

The meh:
  • The stage sets does not varies nor impress. But the cars prop are cute.
  • The songs are kinda "I never heard that". Maybe I am not that familiar with 70s Bollywood.
  • The first act was a bit of a doozy. Only in the second act things seems to be a bit interesting
  • The storyline is too simplistic. I guess I wished there was a bit more in the story.

Great fun. Go for the dances and hot chicks with toned abs shaking and dancing. (which the guys sitting right at the front when we were there seems to be enjoying)


iceroll said...

Ahhh.. Aku dah agak ko mesti pegi tgk nye. hahaha

Dils said...

yes of course

mommy nazeef said...

dils...ko gi tgk ngn gon?waaahhh....

Dils said...

gohan memang minat musical skang. Hehehe

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