Monday, June 26, 2006

Variasikan Your Life?

Remembered when I moan about how life sucks. Oh yeah. I still moan that. Nonetheless, I also said that we try to improve things bit by bit. Or just try to be happy, on a small lil things? I didn't say that? Well, I meant to. I must had forgot.

Being generally unhappy about everything and to perk me up a bit, I took up violin lessons. Yeay. Always wanted to learn violin. Violinist looks too kewl~ I played the organ a bit when I was small. Organ sounds morbid. But it is mighty popular during my childhood time to send their youngsters to play organ, don't know why. So my sisters chided me on why I do not continue to get lessons on the organ. Well , why don't I?

I love playing the electric organ. You can create many songs, improvise existing songs and just basically have fun hitting the many buttons. I am not that good, but I am ok when nobody is watching. LOL. And I always enjoy teaching myself on the organ.

That is my violin 'kapuk'!!

Thus now, I wanted to learn something different. And I heard violin is a tough thing to take up. So why not? Might as well give myself a challenge eh? And it is indeed a challenge. First time pulling the bow to the string, it sounded more like a screech to me. Gaaaah. I was almost put off. But since I was already there, and the school owner look mighty excited to have some 'adult' also taking up violin lessons, I relented and sign up. Most of the students signing up are ranging between 6 year olds to 14 year olds. Never had I ever felt so old ~_~"

How did I found it? Really tiring to a first timers like me. Your posture need to be correct, every fingers needs to be in place, your arms needs to be straight and you need to find a way to tilt your bow to get just the right sound. It is very hard work indeed! When I was playing the organ, you hit the F# key, you got the F# key. For this, your arm needs to have the correct posture, your fingers needs to do all the guesswork as to where F# is , every little fingers to be in their own position in holding the bow. And you pull the string with your bow and your fingers numbingly holding the string, you found out that it doesn't sound that right. You are applying too much pressure or the bow went straying to another string.

But it is really, really fun. It take my mind off 'things'. It gave me a surge of adrenaline even though tired, whenever I finished my lessons. I always bounded joyfully back into the car after lessons. Even though it don't sound anything like Vanessa Mae, more of a screech and yowling about most of the time. But I am mighty satisfied. That is me holding that violin. That is me creating the noise from pulling that bow.


Unta@Jitra said...

e |--2--|
B |--2--|
G |--3--|
D |--4--|
A |--4--|
E |--2--|

Dats F# for guitar... hahaha... the numbers represent the frets (counting from top to bottom)... aaa sorry i shudnt be talking about guitar hehe... anyway nice laa dila u started to learn playing violin... nnt kite duel aa bole? Dgr lagu No Leaf Clover - Metallica... versi S&M hehehe

Jeles aa tgk org pandai men viloin... betul!!

taqiyuddin bakir said...

how much for the violin kapuk?

kunci hilang said...

learning violin is very touch for sure. Much more challenging than guitar, i suppose, eventhough i had never get a touch on fiddle.

oh, life is beautiful, anyway.

Dila said...

hihihi.. itu duet? Nanti ko tak termain, sbb ko tak paham tah hape note aku main.

I can sell it to you for RM300++ :P
I absolutely have no sentimental value for stuff~

kunci hilang:
indeed it is.

Life is beautiful. If you think about it.

obefiend said...



Dila said...

Also jeles on those who can play like nobody's business

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