Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Standing in the Middle Ground

Of football fever. I thought I was not gonna blog about this. . Since I was never a football fan.But who am I kidding. The World Cup every 4 year only. I could only get the chance to blog this in another 4 year time. Furthermore, World Cup reminders are plastered everywhere I go. Either you like it or not , you need to nod your head in agreement that it is happening.

Now. I am thinking what is the point of this entry again. Oh sod it. Probably it just for the sake of updating. For those of you who are so nice to come in here once in a while and read it. See see. I am being generous. Hahaha.

Ehem. Anyway. I don't have anything against football. Soccer. World Cup. In fact I enjoyed watching the 2002 World Cup apart from what Asrol might say. However that was in the day when I was holidaying, have not got much to do and all of the decent TV station is showing the match. It is either that or some lame drama swasta that have the same plot again and again (Rich guy/girl meet poor man/girl, conflict arises, love triangle, parents disapproval, bla bla bla... that is a different rant altogether).

I can see the goodness in these match. Large sweaty men running around chasing one ball. The aim? To shoot the ball into a really big net . Then the team which managed to literally at time kick the other teams asses , win a big golden trophy that of course have one golden ball perched at the top. All grown men will then shouted gleefully or cry unashamedly in unison all over the world except of course the US. Sheesh.

Now see. I understand the game. Kidding. I meant to say that I can see the beauty in it. The good defensive strategy use by the German. The passion ( a.k.a .. *cough* *cough*
beauties/really handsome guys/tall,dark,handsome.. *cough* *cough*) that the Italians and the Spanish team when they play. The antic of Ronaldo. The flair of the Brazil team play. ( I like watching the Brazil team. Its like watching a streak of green and yellow maddeningly go across the field) . Our hope and support on the underdog team to let them surprise us if they are able to make it and also to make some people very rich.

If people ask me to join them to see a football watch, I wouldn't refused. Heck, I even join with you guys in shouting some swear words when some dumb players ; as many of you would deem it at that particular time, could not manage to score a decent goal.

But. There is a but here. To me, it is not the most wanted to watch thing at the moment. If say, any of my favorite series are showing at the moment, I would rather watch this series. Or movies showing. Or do something else, go out, shop, go to cinema. Let just say that, if there is no errand, no activities, no cinematic experience I needed to experience, no series, no decent show; then , maybe, maybe I will turn the Sport Channel on.

So leave me alone with your football mania and pushing around saying I need to watch the World Cup, since it is the greatest game on earth, or it is only once in every 4 year, or whatever reason it is. Nah. I will be interested to see the result or to take a peek in once in a while or join you when watching it mamak. But why does offside is consider an offside , completely eluded me. So that is why it don't hold my interest for long.

p/s: I still think Germany would win. Come in close second , Brazil.


obefiend said...

the only time of the year where men are allowed to use " esok ada bola" as a legit excuse to ask for a rain check

lain masa we will be branded as tak tahu menilai permpuan

once in 4 years so i am enjoying the stupid thing. yeah. it was kinda boring so far. the matches were lacksluster to begin with. sigh


lepak mamak until 5 in the morning at least feels better when u have 300 other guys along with you! nice

iceroll said...

Hahaha. funny2. but never knew u enjoyed the 2002 tournament. Bila tny, ko kate ko rather watched the stupid Singapore tv. :P

Sebulan nih, jgn harap la org nak ajak aku gi tgk wayang ke, karaoke ke. Sori. Not even u dila can make me. Hehehe.

btw if u want to look for good looking guys playing football, u can consider Rep Czech. Hehe. (pasrah ghey~~)

Dila said...

One of the time, when men can be depress and when other guys ask. They can blame one of the team!

AH no worry. Tak ajak nye :p
Hahah, the Italians and Spanish team always held something special in my heart.

k said...

well, after the world cup there is the goodies of the english premier league, la liga, serie a, bundesliga, the champions league, the euro.. la la la la...

iceroll said...

btw..Dila is talking about EHEMM football..Lets tell the world about it

Dila said...

i think the world cup hav their own kinda of fever


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