Thursday, June 08, 2006

Be Careful Of What You Wish For...

Or it might comes true.

I have a hankering for a new handphone last week. Not really in need of one. Just you know the urge to shop. Spending money needlessly. Desire. Lust. The 7 deadly sins.

Went for a lunch date with my friends at Sungei Wang last Saturday. Sungei Wang always have a tantalizing show of handphones. So we went into each booth and held, adored, tested many of the phones. Motorola. Samsung. Sony Ericcson. My heart was tempted. What is more with my devilish friends are already whispering sweet nothing to my ears
" Lawa ni Dila... eeeii.. warna pink lak tu ".
" Eii.. bestnye phone ni. Clear gile gamba die. "

Sigh. Not helping me save money, my friends here. See See. Anyway, I managed to not be sway and tear myself away. I had win. Desire lost. 1 - 0.

After all I thought to myself, there are a loads of other things I need to buy and this would be sheer extravagance on my side.

Or so I thought. On Tuesday, my adequate averagish phone are showing telltale sign of being unreliable. At first having problems calling people. At first I thought it is a DiGi problem. Then by yesterday, if I manage to get them, or them me, I have to resort to speaker phone. Definitely not helping when I am currently looking for a job while currently ON a job.

Funnily this happen today. Thank God that it is already late and not much people around or *gasp* *shudders* my boss nearby. My phone is silently ringing. Looking into the number, it is an undentified KL number. Goody. Interview opportunities. Accepted the call hoping my phone won't fail me. It 'failurely' did.

Talk about multi tasking. I was with a customer when the phone start ringing, but luckily the customer needed to be transferred. Transferring customer while talking to a phone agreeing to an interview , with the speaker phone blaring out our conversation.

Thats it. My phone basically failed as a phone. A working non-nonsense phone. If basic function such as calling a person and sms 'kong', it is time to change your phone. Think about it.

If kidnapped and stashed and bound in a small room or closet. Am wide awake after sometime. Found out got handphone with self. Call 999 or 122 or 112 or whatever emergency number is for handphone. Dang! Need to turn on speaker phone. A dead giveaway to kidnapper hearing this outside the door; " bla , bla, bla Panggilan Kecemasan... Ape yang boleh saya bantu" . Literally. The kidnapper think how incredibly stupid the victim could be, ragingly slashed the victim's throat.

Okay. Okay. I am over exaggerating. But hey, this could make a great scene in a thriller movie.

So I get my wish after all. I can have my options of handphone. Guilt free. (Well, maybe not that guilt free.)

Being sweet, I'll give my phone some chance to redeem itself until this weekend.


Uh-Non said...

hey...wait a min..which handphone are we talking bout here? that cute little red panasonic GD somethin2 which i so used to admire back in the days ? that cute lil' thing that i asked u so much bout lastime ? or have u like switched btwn a few cells alrdy btwn then and now ?

Theres such things as redemption and forgiveness u know. think bout the days it used to give u much bla bla bla..aah..forget bout it, your a working gurl - if its not working properly, then change it. I'd say better be safe than sorry standing stranded in god-knows-where-land having had your cell failing on ya. Go girl! tuka2..nak beli motorola nyer fon ajak aku skali..best2, considering a change as well

Some said...

hello..hello...dengar tak? kat sini dengar je...dengar tak ni?

Unta@Jitra said...

"Careful what you wish you may regret it
Careful what you wish you just might get it" - James Hedfield (Metallica - King Nothing)

Dat thriller scene shud b in Scary Movie 5 i think hehe...

I'm still using 3310... still working... my principle: kalo itu barang basic functionnye elok lg, xyah tukar hehe... sms ok, calling2 ok... batt sedikit kong... screen pon ok (lampu ok)... so semuanya OK LOL

iceroll said...

pegi la antar repair. cost u less maa..

or u just seeking an excuse to change phone.

kunci hilang said...

damn! very very good entry. I like it.

p/s. one of the key is not to buy something urgently.

Dila said...

no laa. That Panasonic cute lil fon had past already. I change to Nokia..(whatever model cant remember), then gave that to my bro, then I bought a Motorola V220.

That one facing problem. I am considering on Samsung, Sony Ericcson, or Panasonic again. LOL


Yeah, I should copyrighted that scene first before someone stole my idea. LOL.

Such a spoiltsport.
I was thinking of repairing it too since I need to spend a lot of money on other things first.

But usually it would take a long time. (i know this, had happened before) and I don't have that much of a free time for that. Buying is easier. Costly too.

kunci hilang:
on my deprecating stuff. Tq, I almost like it too. LOL.

I know I know, never buy things on moment thoughts. However, I really don't like spending time poring over product specs and all. I always like to buy things if they look pretty! :D

obefiend said...


my hp sucks. tapi its damn reliable. like you i dont what the model lah. too much code and stuff these days. bila people ask me what HP i use i just tell them,

"the ugly flip flap with rubber lining crap HP"

as one of the posters said. just servis. cheaper meh!

aku menanti jek HP ni mampos. then i can steal one of the unused HP kat umah. my sister is a connoseur of HP.beli pastu wat koleksi

tak paham betul youth of today!

ska_ocean said...

dila, no ko mane?
aku x sempat contact bekbudak nih..
kem slm derang kalo g reuni..
email je la no ko ek..

anyway, aku pun baru je cdg nak beli fon baru.. tgh usha.. heheh~

Dila said...

collection? Demn, tu mcm ade setgh gals yg beli perfume just for the bottle and used it once a month.

ah.. nanti mlm ni aku emel ko no phone aku

Some said...

hello, bole dengar dh..

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