Thursday, June 29, 2006

Of a tiny sliver of life and Britney

Yawn. Today is a boring day. Is it? Not really. Its been a busy day. Some people are bitching that they are doing more work than others, and I felt the same way too. Only I moan more and just laze around deservedly. Figures. You see, I hate office politics. I don't care who get promoted or whomever get more higher bonus. Probably I don't plan in staying kut. Not that I AM going anywhere. Its ok enough working here. People my own age, no tittering unstable middle age makciks to bitch about you right in front of your face, get internet access, get to wake up late. Life is pretty good actually. But its not great. And it can be a bore.

Sooo as much as I love gossips, I don't like getting myself involved in office politics and gossips. You can get that position (not like there is so many to go around..) and I would be glad for you. You can talk bad about me, as long as that words don't reach back to my ears.

So got that out of my chest.

Now had you guys seen Britney nekkid pics? Head here for a peek ( What? Looking for the whole pics? Google it you perv, I am not helping you there). Well, not looking bad (I thought it was gonna be horrendous). I bet there are a lot of air brushing going around. The papparazzi pictures of her , showed her always at her absolute worst so I just assumed its not gonna turn out as nice.LOL.

I have a love/hate relationship when it comes to Britney Spears. I hate the bubblegum candy songs of her. But you gotta admit, it is catchy. You scoff at the idea of Britney Spears as a musical legend. However, you just could not get that Toxic head out of your head as much as you hate yourself for downloading it. You hate that she keep on dancing around in her vid clip like some strippers-in-heat in need of money, however you couldn't stop thinking, hey she is kinda sweet.

Always thought she was a dumb blonde before. Then she gots millions and billions of earning from her musical careers. That is one smart dumb blonde. The only dumb blonde move is to star in Crossroads, which was a really boring movie for a chick flick.

What kinda make me chuckle a bit is her pleading (not to mention her horrible unkempt hair when interviewed last week) and crying for the media to leave her alone. Then the next best step for you to get more privacy time? Appear preg-naked in a cover of a magazine! I am sure the media would dearly love to leave you alone after that.

Ah well I never have a paparazzi hounding me , much less a publicist. What do I know?

Now Britney stuff over. I am feeling very very thirsty. Kedai all tutup, its now getting dark. Sigh.
Post lil update:

Forgot to add. My sister coming back from Vietnam today. With her she brings back the complete season of Friends and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I say. HurraH! I love Friends. But I will absolutely pounce on Buffy the Vampire Slayer (which I pesan from my sis). My absolute kick-ass butt kicking supernatural chick flick. I am all for Team Spike! Peroxide never look so hot!

*dizzy from thinking of watching Spike in action again*


iceroll said...

She got paid in Crossroad, didn't she? Not so dumb I guess

Unta@Jitra said...

Okeh beres menggoogle... thanx for the info dila hahahaha...

Ok seriously... she looked stunningly beautiful in dat picture... yeah i've seen the worst where she was like a cheap whore, with dat hair.. arrggh...

Anyway from dat cover, she looked beautiful than ever...

/me layan Toxic versi karoke jap :P

Dila said...

If you look at it that way, I guess

Heh, of course. Never deny the art of air brush and good lighting!

obefiend said...

heyya DILS

first of all naked? thats a misnomer lah. should have been SEMI-NUDE. she is doing a "demi moore". might be a last gasp effort to save her career.

is she a dumb blonde???

OBVIOUSLY. no woman with a brain would marry KFED in the firts place. for god sake Britney.. he dumped his PREGGO wife for you. and he is a total loser. i have seen his "PAPAZAO" video and it was uglehh.. he really thinks he is the next EMINEM or ELVIS. so in the fina analysis.. Britney is a dumb least Heidi Klum married SEAL. she is not that dumb. that guy is rich! HA HA. even anna nicole is cleverer than brits.. she is 500 MILLION richer now!

on a side note. plenty of airbrushing there. i saw the pics on USELESSJUNK and people were leaving comment on how the Photoshop guy cant get enough sleep due to the amount of airbrushing that needs to be done. no prego women look that hot! strech marks and veins please!!

kesian her new child. i mean.... she is not a good mother. she once said

" i wanna take care of my child myself"

then a day later paparazi shot her walking about and a puerto rican maid ambling about carrying her child. Ceh!!

dump KFED.. give away ur child and stop being a trailer trash brits!!

p/s: they are shwoing her CHAOTIC reality TV show on V these days. i cant help but chuckled when i saw her and Kfed trying so hard to make it like they are so "happy" and "perfect"


SARIMAH DAH KAWIN.. now im depressed!

Dila said...

haha. I guess you are right. Semi-Nude. Not naked as many says.

When she married the KFed dude, began her downward spiral to white trash she is now. Sad. Got so much potential

And thus correct again. What woman in her right mind would marry a guy who at that moment have a girlfriend which is pregnant with his child. Thus the spawn of Kfeds offsprings will continue to roam this eath, and from the look if it.. will keep on going on until somebody stop him.

Sarimah dah kawin? How did I missed that news? To whom?

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