Thursday, June 22, 2006

Key Your Word

Most of us with the usual blogs have the site tracking sites. How many of us came in, who came in, from which link. Just to inflate our ego more I suppose.

As like any other bloggers, I also like to look into this keyword that people supposedly put out to the World Wide Web in search of their reading materials? References? Just curious since it deviate from the usual link of my friends blog.
The usual one:
"Vincci Malaysia"
"Vincci Sales"
"The Great Malaysian Sales"
Even got request when does Vincci sales happening. Sorry babes, I am as clueless as you are. Got SMS from PMC, on sales sometimes, however I should say the best way is to pop your head into the mall and take a look . The Great Malaysian Sales, start on August. So that's that.

Some that are enough to be make me chuckle.
"Beromen di dalam bilik pengawas"
"Beromen di tandas"
How raunchy. Sorry lads, you don't find that kinda details here.

The one that left me bewildered:
" Withered Egyption girls having sex".
What kind of sick person want to watch 'withered' girl having sex? Withered. Came to mind skeletal anorexic chicks all gaunt and scary looking. And you want to watch that having sex? Euw!

But the winner have to be( sound effect please: ::drumroll:: ::cymbal crash::) :
" syphilistic dils number"
Which left me kinda going... umpphhh. Whatever does that mean? It is the only keyword that left me searching for words? Are they looking for someone name dils that contracted syphilis?
So I look it up myself (which I couldn't find on how does the person ever stumbled upon my humble domain) , and found, tada!

DILS also known as: Diffuse infiltrative lymphocytosis syndrome . Which can occur in 1st manifestation of HIV infection. This disease causes the patient to have sensory loss. Reading medical article gets really boring after the first few lines and skimmed a few lines more I think this are more likely to happen for HIV patient that also had contracted syphilis.
In other similar words: really bad if it happens to you. So I guess my blog don't have what number you are searching for. Help number? Contact person?

Recommendation : Go to the nearest hospital and make an appointment with a doctor.

See, you learned something new every day. Just a bit bummed that now I know dils is also some sort of disease.


iceroll said...

Quote = "dils is also some sort of disease."

I agreed

Dila said...

But of course you think so. *scoff*

Some said...

hahahha..kalo ada autobio masa zaman sekolah rendah....yg ni selalu ada..

B.U.K.U = Belajar untuk ke University

DUNHILL = Dunia umpama Neraka, Hidup Ibarat Layang layang

Dila said...

DILS : Diffuse infiltrative lymphocytosis syndrome

STD rawks~

taqiyuddin bakir said...

i know this one friend of mine, he contracted that disease. can't sleep at night, loss of apitite, depressed and despair. all because of dils. contagious too. heard that there's some other after him. no pun intended. seriosly.

Dila said...

oh taqi, no pun intended? Seriously. Seriously? *wink*

CremeBrulee said...

You should change the blog title to "Stop DILS".

Dila said...

..with posters and badges~

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