Friday, June 16, 2006

Kiss me for Luck

Nah. Got an image of Lindsay Lohan new movie in my head just now. Just My Luck. Its about the unluckiest guy on earth met the kiss the luckiest girl on earth , and during this kiss, their luck changes. She became the unlucky one and he got all the luck.

I am in my sighing mood now. Because things are a bit off from my way. Unlucky? Last week my phone was being unreliable. And this week? My computer. What else. The sunshine in my otherwise dull life. It is showing Physical Dump Memory. The still blue screen when you know everything is lost. Sigh.

So will try to figure out what the hell's wrong it. And probably forked out more cash to greedy computer parts salesperson.

Coming to work today slightly thinking of my poor computer that could not come to reasonable state of life. Before I could even sit properly on my chair, a customer is already looking for me berating me because of a stupid misunderstanding that was not even my problem to begin with !!! Got a sneaking suspicion, someone made a mistake and trying to shift this to me!!!

I had even bring this up to the manager since I could not do a thing from my end except give empty promises. Got another empty promises on how somebody gonna call this customer back, which resulted in NADA. No calls made to this poor customer. I felt for this customer. I really do. But I obviously could not do anything, which thankfully the customer understand . ( I thank my own persuasion skills, ehem , ehem) . But he want some kinda answer back soon next week which I think even my own persuasion skills might fail then.

Which bring me to impending feeling of doom, since the manager will not be in next week. I got some vague response when I had reported of this customer troubles and requests. You can be damned sure this case will come back to bite me on my ass since no one wants to take responsibility. Great. Any bartending position open?
What a great start to work right? Now, just for closing, things could not get any better. I am in an afternoon shift which end somewhere at 9 or 10 pm. So just before I typed this, my bladder is giving me sign. To the bathroom you must go. Heeding the call of nature, I went into our floortoilet. The toilet is located outside of the office , so you need to basically go through 2 doors.

Hitting the door, a foul smell invaded my senses. Now, bathroom = foul smell. Typical of any Malaysian toilet sadly to say. But going in a few steps back to my favorite cubicle ( Come on, don't say you guys who work don't have a favorite cubicles ), I freezes cause the foul smell is really quite disgusting, and I lost my appetite just reliving the experience to you unfortunate readers. There was the No.2 (a.k.a as human droppings) splattered across the floor of my favorite cubicle and the adjacent cubicles. Someone had besmirched my cubicle! Unforgivable! She deserved to be lynched, quartered and hang out to dry.

I went out of the toilet hurriedly losing my ability to feel, appease the nature and my appetite. I checked and double checked that I don't have any 'mark' on my sandals so I can throw it away and walk barefoot back. Thankfully my ratty sandals are spared.

Shheeeessshhhhh! Did I mention that before coming to work I had also managed to see a human shit near Avenue K? The usual shit that the regular crazy guy which haunt its bus stop leave freely quite happily. Those who walked there had become accustomed to the sudden pile of human defecation spoiling our walking experience, that we generally tend walk slightly deviating from the our straight line . The today dropping? Not in the usual place but was spotted well ahead. But definitely not one of the thing you want to start your day with eh?

What is with all the shit; literally, that people wanted to show to the world?? I think I had seen enough of my fair share.

Argh. I think I am going to hunt 7 different kinda flower to 'mandi bunga' to wash all this bad experience (or bad luck if you might call it) away. Or maybe I could just kiss one hell of a lucky guy to change my luck? Easier to find bunga I say. The F1 deco flowers is still in bloom in front of KLCC. Right.


iceroll said...

nak kiss bese ke nak french kiss?

Unta@Jitra said...

Just finished reading Patrick Teoh's blog... the latest entry is good though...

Pity u aa dila hehe... u're at the bottom of the wheel rite now... just sabar a bit n u'll be up there again sooner...

Want to mandi bunga? Ask lan/snub hehe... wangii do pas mandi bunga i tell u...

taqiyuddin bakir said...

before you send your pc to the shop, you might want to have it looked at by tech savvy dudes. might save you some bucks. but then again, tech savvy dudes tend to shy away from personal favors these days. easier to send it to the shop.

Dila said...


*blur* patrick teoh latest entry ? Nanti la tgk.

Haha. Bole jugak.... lan wangi? Ko bau? Teruja~?

Are you referring to yourself? Heh.
Send to tech savvy person and blanje that person a good hearty square meal. Presto. Computer formatted (*sob* *sob*) but working almost as good as before now.

kunci hilang said...

pardon me but where is the Avenue K anyway?
Do not think some homeless are staying over there.

taqiyuddin bakir said...

hmm... but i rarely do techy favours for people. People either ask tamin or sarip. well, guys go for tamin, and sarip is always for girls.
so i guess i was referring to sarip. haha

taqiyuddin bakir said...

and when i say sarip, i meant asrol.

Dila said...

kunci hilang:
Right in front of KLCC. Across the road. No homeless prolly staying there, but there are the regular crazies around there usually morning . No idea where they went at night.

Ah well.. Thats true. Heh.

And of course when you mention sarip, i know it is asrol.

obefiend said...

yum No2 on the floor. in a women's loo. thats like spotting a unikorn! thats lucky la dils.. not bad luck.. bing bing!!

ade one time ni. one of my housemates pooed on the toilet seat. the housemaster was peeved. so dia organise a see the poo exibition starting from the lower forth sampai la to us upper sixers. weird la the english. start giving lecture with a cold crying fist sized shit in full view


Dila said...

Hahaha. I guess if you look at it from that point of view, since it kinda rare to see other's poo, tis luck indeed.

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