Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Tired out

I am feeling like this weekend I am not doing anything.. except maybe half heartedly cleaning the house.

Google ni sesuke hati je edit gamba aku online. But this is the hotel that we are staying. The blue line is the infinity pool. The pool is great. It even have one with a warm water which is a huge draw. 

Last weekend we went to Ipoh. My sister had booked us a stay at The Haven or Best Western Premier Hotel. It was a good hotel. We booked 2 apartment where one is the 3 rooms apartment and the other 2 rooms apartment. I didnt take pics much during the duration as they are kids everywhere! Haha. So one get overwhelmed. 

My mom was enjoying it the most because all of her cucu is there so she was really pumped for a pictures with all the cucu. It was really a chore trying to get 3 babies , 4 or 5 toddlers huddled for a pic. Tantrums everywhere! I don't think I will be putting up that pic up here because my sister dont really like pics of her children online, so I will only be putting up pics of my kids online and some of the cousins ! 

At their garden where the dino is a big attraction to all people various age and sizes. Aziz was disappointed that there were no monkey around. I was relieved, I don't fancy meeting one where it can grab my bags. 

We went to Memory Lane which is kinda meh because it was raining heavily on Saturday so alot of stalls are closed . Also went to Pasar Karat, just bringing my mom along to see what it is about. A bit disappointed because a lot of what makes Pasar Karat special is now just a usual pasar with baju bundles. 

While we dont venture much into Ipoh except once during lunchtime when we are trying to find place to eat but it seems like kedai semua tutup, so we went into Ipoh Parade. Macam biasa, beli buku sikit :D oh and Aziz birthday kek. 

With some of his cousins. He don't really care ok, he just meh.. and turn around to play with his sticker books. So cousin die datang and blow off the candles. With so many kids around, there are always a willing body. 

Anyway, I think my mom enjoyed it the most. She likes being surrounded with her cucu and kids and be on holiday where she don't feel the need to cook most of the time. Hehe. Though that did not stop her because she brought all manners of pots and pans and cooked lauk for all of us. 

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