Monday, August 17, 2015

I wish audiobook is not so darn expensive

I tried out audiobook for the first time and I liked it! Hence the title. Ok .. let me just start on how I get started on audiobook when I tried to read ebook, but just failed. I like the idea of ebook, but whenever I hold my phones I will just itching to go to social media or games ( mainly Candy Crush, but I have a healthy obsession with Wordament and Plants Vs Zombies 2 too ). 

So yes. I stop using ebook. Maybe if I have Kindle, or it is so easy to buy here or ebook is easier to buy or I started travelling or posted somewhere that it is just insane to bring a whole suitcase of books that I need ebooks. That is the only reason I guess I will start using Kindle or Nook or something similar. Because I can't read on my phone people. My phone is to be used for only frivolous stuffs. 

I was reading a bookworm blog on how audiobooks makes her read or listen to more books ever since she had kids. Those who have kids will lament on how hard it is to find time to read books. I totally understand. I reject lunch hour with friends if it means I can get a good hour of reading on a book I truly enjoy. So I started to look for audiobook. Especially those that can be listened via phone. 

That leaves me 2 options. 

1. Audible. 

Both are kinda the same. Both needed to be online ( wifi or data) for you to listen in. Both offers 30 days free membership where we will get 1 book credit ( = 1 audiobook) , but is cheaper. I think Audible is USD24.99 per month while Audiobooks. USD14.99 per month. Way cheaper. Though I had just take a look at the audiobooks site and it seems it only supports US?? But I can sign up for the free membership and listened in. 

Ok. So that brings me to the next point, we are all looking at USD and MYR and dying a little bit inside whenever MYR going down. So I tried out( only mampu) the free membership. I have to include my credit card details when going in, but then I cancel the subscription just before the 30 days end. Hehe. I also got another 1 book credit from reviewing the app. So yeay! 

The first book I chose... I decided on Amy Poehler , Yes Please. 

I enjoyed Tina Fey Bossypants and Mindy Kaling Is Everybody Hanging out Without Me, so I think this would be a good choice. I had only known Amy Poehler from her movie roles and the Golden Globes ( super excellent hosting jobs) , not from SNL and Parks and Recreation, but by listening to this book, I feel like I want to watch Parks and Recreation now. 

I usually reviewed a book by stressing on their characters, so am a bit of a loss on how to start one for an autobiography. 

So here's the gist of it, the book itself, it is funny, inspirational and entertaining. She gives us a look into a part of her in this book, while still keeping most away , as it should be. She gave good advice and good soundbites ( or quotes). And I like it when she talked of her experience in Hollywood and I can practically feel her warmth and radiance when she talked about her kids. 

Listening it in audiobooks, is super entertaining, though I realized I must have missed out on the photos that usually inclued in autobiography, but she makes listening it worth it. So yes. I get it why audiobooks is expensive. You must also include a gift of a story telling in it to make the listeners continue to listen in. Amy Poehler got that. She also included audio snippets from her scene in Parks and Recreation, roped in her friends and parents . My favorite part of the book is her mother telling us the struggle of  being a woman in the 60s and 70s. Where basically we do what we have to do. There are jokes, there is singing, there is a segment on book reading for live audience. Now my expectations on audiobooks is going to be super high because I started on such an excellent book!

The book is 7 hours 30 minutes. Very long but didnt feel like it. It took me around a month and half to finish it. While I try listening in at the office, it was quite hard because I need utter quiet and sometimes I strayed into social media sites. Haha. So I could not concentrate. Most people used their audiobook to listen in when driving. I found it in my case it would not work, I concentrated too much on the book and not on the driving that it can get quite dangerous. So I found that listening in to an audiobook when washing dishes is perfect! 

I hate washing dishes especially the kids botol susu when it piled up. I enjoyed it a whole lotta more when I am listening in to Yes Please. Terasa sangat productive ok. So yes... I think I would continue on this audiobooks stuffs, If I can afford it. In the mean time I will try some of the free books. ( though I think it might be boring) . 

I am saving my one book credit for Mindy Kaling new book! I hope it will be more than 5 hours. 

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