Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Aziz is now 3

Yesterday was his birthday. 

And I can't believe how fast he had grown. He looked like a small boy, no longer my baby. Tapi maseh memakai diapers. Hehe. 

I only bought him a cupcake on Sunday and Sunday night tu brought out the cupcake for him to tiup lilin which is his ultimate favorite and the brought out presents. 

Die makan sikit frosting tu and then bile bapak keluarkan hadiah-hadiah terus excited lupa langsung die ade cupcake. Harus lah mommy habeskan cake kan. 

Besok tu we brought a cake to the school and I bought a box of cream puffs for the kids at school. Budak class Aziz I gave them a party pack. I cannot remember what is in it, though I remember buying jigsaw puzzles, M&Ms, chocolate Milo and I think bubbles kut. Husband tolong packkan semua party pack because I pengsan tido. Haha. Well, dalam kelas Aziz including him ade 10 orang je, so ok lah. 

Pagi tu I brought out the cake and took a picture of him and the cake. Decided on just a simple choc cake with edible image sebab senang teacher die nak potong nanti. Die excited tengok kek ultraman and duk tanye bile nak makannn kek ultraman. 

We forgot to include a camera for the teacher so hence no picture. As long as Aziz happy sudah. 

Anyway... can't believe he is 3. My sister was mentioning that before this he was not talking at all, and suddenly he cant shut up. Haha. 

He is a lovable kid and who favoured his dad in term of preference and looks. My husband he took me after me a lot dalam segi perangai. Hahaha. 

In term of intelligence. I don't know. I think he is clever maybe not Einstein genius, but as long as he is good and kind I think that he is a treasure worth having. He loves kittens. He always wants to bring one home. 

And every living thing he see he will always asked "Mommy die mana". Termasuk la dinosaur dalam Jurassic World. 

He loves his brother though like all big brother sometimes he thinks his baby brother is a nuisance. And 70% of the time, if I asked him to do something he will do it. I love him. 

Anyway he is still in diapers because mak die tadek masa nak train. I will do it. Soon. Haha. 

We cut off his curls sebab well his hair is getting long. Masa kat Balingian tu rambut memang curly habis sebab berpeluh dan aktif bermain. Everyone remarked on his curls. Ye la. Sakan kut curls tu. LOL. 

It is a bit sad on one hand that I feel like my firstborn is no longer a baby and relief on the other that he is not clingy that I can do stuffs and concentrate on my youngest. 

I feel like he is sturdy, kind, reliable little boy who will grow up to be a responsible, kind thoughtful guy. That is my wish and doa for him. And always ... berjaya di dunia dan akhirat. 

Tido with his presents. My husband said real life Andy. Duduk cakap "mommy.. main lah dengan Aziz" and gave me Woody so he can be Buzz.

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