Friday, August 21, 2015

A year without that tricolor fluffball

Whenever I think of Kurap, mata nanti mula la bergenang2.

Miss her a lot. Yesterday, it was a year exactly since she was gone. When Aziz was a few months old and she was wailing outside the door wanting to be let in to sleep on the bed together with me, I always feels guilty. Later I will stroke on her head and said, "tunggu ek... nanti 3 or 4 years later and the children are grown up, you can sleep with me again". 

I remember the time when she was feeling tired and I was still occupied with whatever it is on the computer she will meow nonstop asking me to be on the bed. Mesti naaakkk kena ade jugak! Padahal bukan tido atas kite or sondol tepi ke. Tak she just like to know I am on the bed with her. Mengada sangat. But that is why I love her. My husband used to say kinda like jokingly "I think in terms of urutan,, you love Kurap the most, second Aziz and third  me" . Haha. 

She is no longer around, and there is a hole in my heart that is yet to be filled by a cat. Like I said before, I have cats and I love them but Kurap is special and will always be special. Even though she is no longer around, I can still remember how her fur felt like when I stroked her. 

RIP Kurap. Maybe we will meet one again someday and you will have your teman tidur back. 

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