Monday, August 24, 2015


I cant think coherently. So I para-blogging (paragraph). Hehe

I like Boost. In fact sometimes I found like I craved for the juice. I don't care much about the smoothie or the frap type of thing. Tapi juice die very nice la. So heard nice things about La Juiceria. Tried it. And bleurgh sebab I think I chose something that is not to my liking. The ingredients are Orange, Turmeric, Carrot, Celery and Pineapple. But it should have just advertised only Celery sebab that is all I taste. Sekarang tengah minum Milo sambil intermittently sipping the juice. Hehe. 

Because the critical time for our job here is over our team here in MY have a lot of free time. So free that I decided to bring my books to the office. No . Not for reading , well yes, a bit of reading but only during lunch hour lah. But balut buku with plastic. I had always been very anal about wrapping my books before I started to read em, so with this much free time, I figured like.. why not lah. The only thing annoying is that my bags are full of books. Tapi tak banyak pon, Dalam 4  buku je kut I bawak everyday. Over sangat bawak banyak2. 

Oh yes. I am currently reading Sookie Stackhouse Series and it is very very good. The last BBW, I had finally able to buy some of the books to complete my collection so it is now time to start reading it. Because I don't want to get Sookie fatigue so I paced myself where I will read Sookie series in between 2 or 3 other books. 

Husband is whatsapping me saying that he brought Saif to his swim session setelah sekian lama tak pegi. Saif got a mild asthma for a while so we stop his swim session and didn't bathe him in the evening for the longest time. Haha. Sekarang baru ok sikit. Semalam bile weekend penuh, so I said to my husband bile die free and rase nak bawak time petang, bawak je la. Tunggu weekend susah sikit, we always have plans kan weekend. Weekdays tak ramai sangat orang. 

I feel really lazy to cook nowadays macam setiap kali balik macam penat semacam. Padahal no work tapi still penat! Haha. I think this was on Thursday ? Can't remember I was not feeling up to it and Saif was screaming, so I just said to husband beli la ape2. Aziz request burger and seeing him eating burger is so cute and also strucked me for many many time that he is becoming a boy. No longer a baby. 

There is a carboot market of sorts at Melawati every Saturday. It was an oklah. The usual secondhand clothes type of thing. I went there nak cari seluar untuk Aziz as he is growing so fast nowadays dan semua seluar die dah senteng. Dulu mak die keje kat Midvalley so selalu sangat la mak die bershopping kan. Nowadays no time sangat lah. Melawati lah kite. Hehe. Seluar tadek, barang kucing ade! Bought this cat scracther that have some sorta toy hanging inside it and the cats love it. I consider that RM20 well spent if they are using it. You can never know with cats! 

Oklah. Laters! 

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