Saturday, August 01, 2015

Been a helluva time

... since I was working on the weekend. It is a business critical weeks so all hands on deck. I am not so busy yet. Kena standby je la. Poor husband and kids. 

Tadi otw pegi office around 9 am pon penuh kereta kat jalan. I predict by 11 am dah jem dah MRR2 because today is jam packed with open houses and kenduris. 

Ni pon sampai2 I lapor terus menjajar cari makanan and buy starbucks. Couldnt see the point in being in standby doing nothing at office. But that's the way it is. *rolleyes* So everyone bawak movie to kill the time and bordedom and I am watching Chris Rock standup comedy. Alang2 have to stuck at the office in the weekend while everyone is feasting on raya food!, I might as well be stuck here and laughing my ass off. 

Dah la lusa birthday Aziz, sian Aziz. But thats ok lah as next week we will all be going to Ipoh for some fun and I planned to buy a small cake for him as semua cousin2 die ade at the time. Baru fun sikit kan. Malam esok I will just buy a slice of cake somewhere for him. 

Saif pulak pagi tadi demam and malam tadi duk merengek2 sebab tak sihat kan, Gave him paracetamol and letak die dalam buai and terus die tido, and the house is a mess and Aziz .. well Aziz ni a good boy je. He is OK as long as I put Ultraman for him. Yeps. I am a TV mom. *hangs head in shame* 

But hey, my mom was a TV mom and all her kids turned out all right. Moga Aziz pon baik baik sahaja. LOL. Hmm ok lah. Maybe if I have something more to say I will write more. Nak tengok Chris Rock :D  *sshhhhhh dont tell my boss but hey.. we are here aight*

Oh I will end this with some words by Chris Rock . 

"Women needs food, water and compliments. And occassional pair of shoes" :D

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