Monday, October 22, 2012

I wish he was with me longer

Puteh the sweetest cat alive. It had been a year since he left us. With Fasha, I miss her every day, with Puteh, there is a sadness that I didn't have him with me for long before he left. 

He was a gentle soul. You can look it in his eyes. Kadang-kadang if I saw a cat like Fasha, I want that cat, but if I saw a cat like Puteh I want it more. However I am doubtful if I can find a cat like Puteh. Puteh is a one in a million cat. He loves to be around you. Love cuddles. Without realizing, he will plop beside you teman tengok tv. 

I miss you Puteh. I am glad he came into my life. I did saved his life ( ok the vet did, but I bawak and bear the cost). He had severe UTI and was convulsing and unconcious sampainye, and I managed to save him in the nick of time. But it turned out I only prolong his life for a few months because another illness claim him. Also Puteh sampai sekarang hold the record for the most I paid in vet bills in one visit. (Close to 1k ok)

I always consoled myself when I thought of him that ... I did gave him a better life in the last few months. I did saved him for a little longer for him to enjoy a family and a home. 

Sampai ke hari terakhir die mati pon, Kurap tak suke die. Kesian Puteh. However I know he knows I loved him. 

Again he was the sweetest cat. There is no other cat like him, but I sure would like to continue to find. 

Tak berapa nak Puteh,

RIP Puteh.


Kak Aidah said...

Akak nak nangis baca n3 ni. Same with Milo. Tapi dia sekarang ni tak sihat sgt. Byak sangat masalah yang related to his old age. Berat pun dah turun to 5.7kg je baru2 ni. Cannot bear the thought of losing him one day. Dia pun dah mula jauhkan diri dari akak. Mungkin tak nak akak miss sgt dia nanti. Sedih.

dils said...

Kesiannye Milo dah tak berapa selera. Mungkin die rase tak selesa ..ada la penyakit2 old age ni buat sentap and ilang selera je.

Lama Milo dengan akak. Takpela, kite boleh jaga die sehabis baik, selain tu Tuhan yang tetapkan.

Cian Milo Patut pon nampak dah berlipat2 kulit, turun berat rupanye. Akak bawak gi vet, vet tadek kata ape2 la?

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