Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Quick Entry


I haven't done a book review in a while right? That is because I am stuck reading The Bourne Supremacy by Robert Ludlum. The annoying thing about my reading habit is that, USUALLY I will try to persist and finish reading one book first no matter how boring it is before proceeding to the next. The problem with the book is because I don't like the characters.  In the movie the wife was suppose to die kan. I never watch the Bourne movie so I don't know, all I know is that the wife died during the 2nd movie.

So I am now reading the 2nd book and the wife refused to die and damn that wife is irritating as hell, and I cheated and looked at the end of the 2nd book and found out that the wife is still alive (!!!!) and I am like GAH WHY YOU NO DIE BITCH! That bitch basically makes my reading the Bourne series so unpleasant. The character is so ludicrous and you just know it is the type of woman that can only be conjured up by a man. Gah! (but I will reserved more ranting on my reviews nanti).

Of Various Stuffs 

Been reading a lot of mommy blogs sebab macam best la nak tahu perkembangan baby masing-masing and to compare if our experiences are the same. A lot of them do product reviews, and sebab aku malas ni are some of the stuffs I bought during my pregnancy and now.

For stretch marks - I bought Burt Bees Belly Balm. Best woo. I can't stand the smell of food during my pregnancy and do not fancy smelling like cocoa butter (Palmer), used Bio Oil and it was good, though I don't fancy the ingredients ( too much chemical stuffs), L'Occitane one I tested briefly on my hand was too oily and the almond smell (can almond have a smell?) made me scrub my hands raw afterwards so I won't gag. The Burt Bees one is not scented, it feels really good bile sapu it on, and it stays on your skin but does not leave your skin feeling oily. From what I can see I don't have stretch mark well except for tepi area sebab I keep on forgetting to sapu that area. Haha. So, it works, and untuk for it to work, you have to sapu it very early on during your pregnancy ok.

Baby eczema - Not sure if it is really eczema, tapi my little boy skin tepi2 mata die feels rough and looks all red and kinda splotchy (if that even a word?). So I bought Pot of Gold Skin Balm, and try to sapu it on his skin, and to my joy it works! No more redness and his skin is less coarse now. Kalau tak work I am planning to just use olive oil je, so yeay!

Baru beli bengkung kutt, tapi aku malas pakai, bile pagi I am in a rush! So memang tadek masa nak pakai, dengan itu bile nak pakainye la wehh.

Being a klutz

Aku yet again, terjatuh di Midvalley di tengah orang ramai. Member aku cakap, tataw la kenapa dengan aku ni.

Before this my wrist was kinda hurting bile jatuh terduduk di tengah2 Robinson, I broke my fall with my right hand that have the slightly painful wrist. Now lagilah sakit. Bile menaip tak sakit pulak, it hurts if I try to move around my wrist. Super annoying when driving.


Going to bring Gollywolly to the vet soon untuk dikembirikan. Usually untuk kena spayed ni kan, kena shaved bulu perut kat bawah tu. Kurap and Fasha bukan main fluffy lagi bulu perut afterwards. Ni Gollywolly ni dah memang terlebih2 fluffy, tak terbayang aku extra fluffiness bawah tu nanti.

So alang2 bawak the black and white kitty tu untuk spay, I will bring along Bobby to make sure yang betul ke die ade fungus infection. Aku tataw la ape masalah Bobby ni, sentiasa je ade sakit. Ade kucing yang tak puas hati dengan die and hantar santau kut. Jumpa one vet dah, bagi macam ubat anti fungal, tapi macam extra merah and bertambah botak lagi tepi tengkuk and atas kepala die. Cuak kejab so I stop the ubat and will bring to another vet for 2nd opinion.

Nanti gueh update lagi okeh.


Kak Iz said...

Selamat dikembirikan GollyWolly!! Moga bertambah tambah gemok selepas tu. Boleh join Kelab Gemuk bersama kakak Sookie dan Lady Kurap, hahahaha

dils said...

tak terpikir pulak aku nanti si Wolly ni kemungkinan besar makin montel lepas kena spayed. Haha.

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