Monday, October 01, 2012


Went to a secondhand furniture at JB semalam with the whole family. My momla tu. She just gave away a humongous intricate kayu jati punye almari kaca so rumah macam lapang, aka alasan cari furniture baru. Hikhik. Yg this shop sells furniture secondhand from hotel. My mom berkenan this one sofa bed and she bought it for RM300. Nanti tuka fabric je which I think will cost more than the sofa itself.

Anyway, while there kat luar kedai tu I noticed ade 2 cats. One is a tabby stripe but mcm warna calico another is a black and white kitty who is more white than black. The tabby calico tu nampak like usual stray cat kurus a bit, but other than that seems healthy. The white & black one tu is the most pathetic of all, kurus sesangat. Before I noticed the cats, my sister pointed out a family that have 2 boys and one of the boy was seen kicking the cat. Then anak sedara yang 3 year old tu datang kat I bercerita the same thing. My sister said my nephew saw the boy kicking the cat, lari to the boy and cried out "Janganlahhh". am proud of my nephew who have more humanity in him than the whole family combined.

I had seen the family earlier, the husband and wife are wearing in what I call a douche attire. Polo shirts and sunglasses. And I guess sometimes, kids don't know any better, but if this things happened I will blame the parents who dont set a good example, who dont correct a wrong. And for Muslim especially kena ingat, di akhirat nanti all the binatang whom we mistreated will arise and given voice to say what you had done to them. I guess a reminder to me also to be more sabar with my cats. And I hope I can teach my kids to be compassionate to animals.

Sedih taw hati tengok strays. Especially the blacn and white cat I mentioned earlier. Didnt know which one yang tendang but feeling like the kitteh deserves something better than a kicking that morning, nampak ade kedai runcit depan sikit bought whiskas sekotak and gave them the kibbles, the cat especially yang skinny tu rupa macam tak percaya je they got food. The black and white cat tu makan perlahan sambil pandang kiri kanan, even masa I naik kereta untuk balik they're still eating. Dalam hati I pon berharap la some people there will have a good heart and feed them. Takkan la takde hati and perasaan kut tengok kucing jalan terketar-ketar depan mata and you buat dek je. I guess at the very least if they're made of stone, jangan la pulak tendang the cats. And parents kena ajar their kids to be a good human being to animals, tak kisah la if you like them or not.


anas fadilah said...

teringat pasal stray cats,kat bawah apartment kitaorg ada 2 strays cats,ada cerita pasal stray cat yg anak dia mati tu,pernah sekali mak dia kena tendang dgn 2 org budak,the mom mmg buat tak tau je,Ziyyad quickly scoop the cat and said "Jangan tendang" muka garang dan buat ultramn fight sign,i was laughing like apakah,anak aku ni.i agree with u dils,parent kena ajar,binatang pun kita kena sayang,hatta anjing,atau semua binatang la habis citer XD

dils said...

Teruk la this type of parents, but I think they themselves pon do it. Ziyyad memang ade sense of morality yg tinggi. Comel Ziyyad ni

dils said...

Teruk la this type of parents, but I think they themselves pon do it. Ziyyad memang ade sense of morality yg tinggi. Comel Ziyyad ni

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