Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I had been thinking to get another cat for a while but I was looking for a female cat. So kalau female cat kurang sikit perang di dalam rumah. However I think I had mentioned regarding a male cat that kept on coming for food. He is the picture above and the most cutest and manja little furry thing ever. 

At first I was just contented to just feed him, then I noticed he had a little limp. Brought him to the vet and all is well again so I let him out again and continue just feeding him outside the house.\

Then one night before going to bed I heard some cat fighting so I open the door a bit. Without realizing Puteh sneaks in and I went straight to bed with my other 2 cats. Bile aku turun ke bawah, disaster. There were pee and blood everywhere. Puteh had an infection so he was peeing blood. Vigorous cleaning was needed and 2 cushion sacrified. ( One of them I secretly wanna throw away anyway ). At the very least, Puteh didn't peed on the sofa or my armchair. At the very worst, he peed a little at the edge of the carpet, which needed 2 products to take off the smell (and that product is awesome and I'll always buy it now). 

Anyway he already went to the vet and  got him the medication so he is all better now. I was not too worried because Fasha had gone through the same thing because Fasha likes to eat trash then. So I guess being a stray and you can't be too choosy, Puteh suffers the same fate. It takes a lot more time though for Puteh to get  better. I am still on my guard whenever he is around because the habit of peeing everywhere is still there for him because he had associated peeing as something painful. (It takes monthsss for us to break Fasha of that habit and she still do it sometimes but very rarely nowadays, I am grim to think what I might face with Puteh). However he is slowly doing better by always looking for the litter box nowadays. 

Looking for a pat on the head

He is an affectionate little thing, so if I called him to sit in front of me ( so I can watch him better while watching TV ) he'll plop down and used my leg or feet as a pillow. I got a soft spot for cat of this coloring because I used to have an affectionate Siamese cat when I was small. 

This are the closest these 3 have been together so far. Kurap is still keeping her distance while Fasha is curious

Fasha and Kurap does not take too kindly of the newcomer. Fasha is quickly adjusting but Puteh is always on  edge around Fasha because Fasha likes to jump on him (also Kurap) whenever she is in the mood to play. Fasha plays rough too so Puteh is a bit afraid of her. Puteh however is petrified of Kurap. Kurap looks like a ferocious animal whenever Puteh is around. It always amaze me to see this transformation because Kurap always look like a docile fat little buttercup. So whenever these 2 furry females are around, Puteh likes to sidle to me. I am hoping Kurap can adjust better, so Puteh won't be too terrified of her. 

So that's that of the newcomer. I am still unsure if I want to keep, but in the mean time I am keeping him to keep from being terrorized by the other male cats outside (so being in the house being bullied by 2 territorial females is only slightly better) and I can keep on eye on what he ate. 

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