Thursday, October 04, 2012

2 months sudah

On one hand I cant believe how fast time flies ( back to work soon! Gah! ), on the other... it seems like I had tiny kenit forever. Sebab the only free time is very rarely had, rasenye easier to type in short form. My boy will wake up anytime soon, lepas tu memang tadek la nak blogging.

So what I seen of tiny kenit...

- aku rase die jarang senyum laaa. But the first time he really smiled AT me was last week. That was once and setakat ni tak lagi. Kalo senyum pon senyum pon senyum kat dinding je.

- gelak pon once only setakat ni at something I sing about.

- he still sleep berbuai. Boleh nak tdo without buai but most of the time I have to be beside him. Aku bangun die bangun. He is my shadow la, replacing Kurap. Kesian Kurap, kenot manja macam dulu.

- he sleeps longer now during the night. Thank God. Hope it gets better so mommy can get some rest.

- lepas cukur 31 Aug lepas, rambut die tumbuh dgn lebatnye. Though mafia style cukur bantal die still ade. Kelaka betul la cukur bantal die

- he currently have the sniffles. It is ongoing now amongst all his cousins and die la yg paling last kena. Kesian dak kenit. Brought him to a paeds and it seems he is ok. The doc just gave me a nasal spray if his nose is really congested.

- timbang tadi is now around 5.5 kg. Pantas siot membesar. Bermuscle la lengan aku nanti

- he no longer howls when dimandikan. But that because if I did it. Gently. He dont like to be handle roughly. He still menangis macam kena pukul if I start to pakaikan die baju. Suke bogel2. Penat aku lectured to him that civilized people wear clothes but he still howls in disagreement.

- sedih la nanti die kena jaga dengan bibik and not fully by me anymore. I like it that only I know everything there is to know about him. After this, I have to relinquish control so to speak. Other people hand will help to raise my child. I dont like that notion. Ye. Aku memang posessive..

Ok. Baby ajis still tido. Fuhhh.. memintak la his sniffles is gone, soon and he no longer coughs. Fuhh fuhh. Mintak2 also I also baik from my own sniffles.


♥ Izzy ♥ said...

Malaysia panas, mestilah suka bogel. Macam dalam perut. bogel. hahahaha

dils said...

Hahaha.. itu la kut. Baby bogel comel lagi... kang di bawak sampai besar. Hahaha

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