Friday, October 12, 2012

1 year

Today is exactly 1 year since this lovely fluffy tabby cat had left us. 
Today also would be exactly 4 years she would be with us, if she is alive. 

She came to our life on October 12th. She left us October 12th. 

Yesterday I was a little melancholy and hugged Kurap and asked if she missed Fasha as well. Kurap mewed back. I think she missed me more. Heh. 

Fasha was my first real cat. Actually it was our cat, my husband and I. It will become my or his cat if she had done something bad, which if you had followed my blog from way back was frequent. Aku masih tak habis lagi letak all those posts related to Fasha under 1 tag, but it was too painful to go through. 

If Fasha was found by me peeing on something I will bebel to my husband " Kucing YOU tuuu, pegi kencing lagi tepi dinding. " Vice versa if he found something. He mentioned once that bile Fasha buat jahat je, it his cat, bile nak manja-manja jadi my cat. 

Fasha taught us a lot. How to really care for a cat. I think I was neglectful in looking out for signs that she was sick, which is how she can't be saved because it was too late when I realized how gravely ill she was. From then on, at the first sign of illness my cats shown, I am super aware. Apart from that, she taught us patience. She was a handful. Many times people around me urged to throw her out sebab die suke kencing merata without any apparent reason. Tapi aku tetap sayang. 

She don't show affection much, but if she's tired and when she was sick she will sought me out at night. 

I miss Fasha every day. Even after a year, my family all remember her antics and speaks about her with affection even though they themselves yang pening dengan perangai Fasha dulu. She was an unforgettable cat. 

Sometimes I dreamt of her, running joyfully into my arm back. Though thinking back on that dream I have to laugh because Fasha always run FROM me rathen than TO me. Bile memalam dulu-dulu selalu kena cari die balik sebab die keluar and whenever I carry her home, she always make that grunting sound cats made when dissatisfied, but she still let me carry her home. She was my grumpy cat. 

I am trying to think of incident that I haven't cerita in this blog, but can't remember any. :( My memories maybe diminishing, however my affection to her have not lessen even in her death.

Love you Fasha. Hope to see you again in Jannah, if God's willing. 

p/s: I will make a separate post for Puteh next week. 


Kak Iz said...

Wah aku komen tadi tak keluar rupanya. Takpe aku taip lagi *gigih*

Menitik air mata aku baca entry ni. Paling menyebakkan bila Fasha datang dan pergi pada tarikh yang sama. Tarikh yang kita nak celebrate sempena kehadiran dia, tiba-tiba tarikh tu jadi tarikh paling hiba :( Hanya orang yang jaga kucing macam jaga anak je yang tahu perasaan tu kan. Sedih aku. Moga panjanglah umur kucing-kucing kau yang lain. Biar diorang dapat hidup bersama dgn anak kau sampai dia besar :)

dils said...

Sedih je bile ingat Fasha. Tapi Gollywolly tu walaupon tadek rupa cam Fasha. Perangai lebih kurang. Suke bertenggek tepi aku bile aku makan, suke minum air takung kat bilik air. Hahaha. Suke tangkap lalat, baru lalat la, cicak die tak jumpa lagi kat rumah aku. Fasha dulu adalah champion cicak killer. Rumah akak aku dulu tu, lepas setahun Fasha pindah baru cicak berani masuk balik.

Harap2 die orang lama jugak.

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