Friday, July 01, 2011


Malas ni, and I am a feeling a bit semput. Sigh. Mest sebab duduk bukak air cond. I can't really stand aircond during the night, but it it is so hot nowadays. My HTC Weather shows last 2 night was 29 degrees, which is macam temp during the day.

Well, our company had just given out bonus and whats not, and you know what this means, it means shopping?

I was sorely tempted to buy a yellow bag from Kate Spade, but I know I won't have the heart to put down thousands for bag. I am contented to buy rm200++ bags from MNG or Topshop or Zara. I still could not see the point of an expensive bag and why start now.

In the mean time, I could buy whatever book I want! Don't you ever found when you have the means to buy the stuffs you always wanted to, then you kind of forgot what it is that you wanna buy. It just means that it is not really important actually. However, need to hold back and keep some so I can spend on my holiday later on this year.

Kurap - have now manage to lose one collar and after buying her a new one, lose the bell on the new one. I have no idea where the bell is, and only hope she didn't eat it. I have to buy a new bell soon because I really like to keep track where my cats are by listening to their bells. Kadang2 macam comel je bunyi tu. And with 3 cats and 3 bells , who needs a wind chime?

Fasha - is waking up insanely early nowadays. 5.30 am. Every. Morning. Ugh.

Puteh - I fear that Puteh infection is not completely clear as I can see some reddish hues in his pee. Sigh. So another trip to the vet this time.

I am still reading the Black Magician trilogy and enjoying it. I skimmed the book 3/4 into it, because I am impatient. I need to stop doing that because it spoils the enjoyment of reading. But sometimes I still do it, because I found I can't sleep because I want to know what happened next, so I skimmed to sate my curiosity. Stupid curiosity killing my sleep and my reading.

In the mean time, I'll be exercising my Borders card again and buying that George R.R Martin books while it is still offering the Value Buy. Though the 2 in 1 value buy only offers A Clash of King & A Storm of Swords OR A Storm of Swords & A Feast of Crows. I think I am gonna take the latter and look for A Clash of Kings later on.

Eh. Lunch!

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