Thursday, July 07, 2011

Of complaints

I felt really really out of sorts of late. Even the cats are hiding under the bed, because I kept yelling at them. Totally necessary because Kurap kept on spilling her water bowl deliberately for the fun of it. 

Also the neighbor is making weird noises in the bathroom in the middle of night. I suspect their toilet is clogged because my room smells kinda bad, then it went away, then it came again and I can't pinpoint the cause. 

Then waking up, mood is not much better. I am feeling snappish at even random strangers. Like one stranger who park her car right behind a fire extinguisher where if there is an emergency you can't get to it because there is a car blocking it. I hate that kind of people. Go rot someplace else. 

Then people in elevator who are so impatient that they can't wait for other people to get off the lift. Barely a person manage to get out they are impatiently pushing the close door button. Repeatedly. Gah. The hell la weh. You are not the only one in existence. Be mindful that other people are breathing the same oxygen as you. 

Well, I got all that complaint out of me, I am somewhat deflated. Maybe tomorrow would be better. Of course tomorrow is better. Tomorrow is Friday! Saturday, husband balik! Then Sunday he went somewhere else plak... I tell you I am full of complains. 

And it is weird, but I couldn't stand weird happy statuses. I like enough the good brief one. But I don't like the gushing one. Or the one that is full of exclamation marks. Every! Sentence! Needs to have this!!!! Then this :) :) :) . Gah. Kill me now. Which is why I want to delete FB. Everytime I logged in I feel rampaging like a Godzilla. But I like looking at other people photos. Especially cat photos. 

This is what we called First World Pains. 

Now I want to rummage through my car. 


iceroll said...

ok im with u on this. the part full of exclamation marks sentence. Gah I'm so gonna fucking delete this dude from my friendlist because he made that all the time! And he's a DUDE! What kind of faggot write sentences with full of exclamation marks?

iceroll said...

Or even worse people who tweet with # on every words. #Like #people #gonna #care. Wtf? #stay1moreyear pun ko nk taruk # jgk?

Dils said...

#stay1moreyear tu bukan memang hastag die?

Kalau every word ade #, aku selalu dismiss acc die as spam and tak follow. Cari publisiti aje

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