Friday, July 08, 2011

Random Friday


Selalu kut blogging sejak 2 menjak ni. Perasaan membuak2 so kena la cari outlet. 

Btw, the supposedly illegal rally thing tomorrow is gonna be a hassle. Now I rarely comment on politics, but I do believe if people wants to make a political rally and are trying to go through the appropriate channels should be given a chance to do so. People are not stupid, but all these incredible precautions are making us nervous. Before this we are thinking this is just gonna be a normal-ish political rally and somehow it had turned out to be chaos. This does not look good all around. And somehow I think if the BN wants to have a fucking parade with fireworks in the middle of the day around KLCC, the government would give their blessings with confetti thrown in too but other body that clashes with the govt have to huddle miserably at the stadium where no one can access it. ( I somehow have mad image of someone in the govt giving money to bomoh hujan to make it rain only at the stadium tomorrow).

 Tetiba aku nervous ape aku type kat blog ni. Tapi helloooo, tak popular kut aku.

Well in another subject, but more serious to my well being, Puteh is sick. Kesian ok. I sedihh. (Tetiba on mode mengada) .

In pain, angkat kepala pon tak larat. I very the sad.

Pagi semalam he was A OK. I let him out for a while and he went wandering about 30 mins and came back in again. But last night  I found him peeing everywhere. Not peeing, but trying to pee. He was making all this weird sound like he is in pain while trying to pee. It is very pathetic. So I went at the back of the house watching him to see if he can pee or not, and asking him to take his vitamin. Every few mins, he will try to pee and then lie back on the floor looking exhausted. He mewed out painfully when I picked him up. There was one point he was making groaning noises and the 2 cats berlari datang tengok. They just sat there in front of him looking at him in a sad way, as he shivered on the floor. Sampai 2 ekor kucing gangster tu pon did not try to bully Puteh, so I know he is in much pain and needs to go to the vet ASAP. 

By morning, I found him trying to pee and vomiting at the same time, so it is getting more serious. So we went to the vet in Wangsa Melawati that is his usual vet. But dah pukul 10.10 am , 10 mins past its operation starting hours and tadek ura2 bukak kedai pon. Puteh then start lying down in her carrier and convulsing, so I speed to another vet that I know from experience is way more expensive. Tsk, tsk. But I would feel guilty if I didn't try my all while I can afford it. (barely I can say). But Fasha and Kurap recovered quickly when they stay there so apart from the cost, there is nothing I can complain about the place. So he is staying there because he needed a catheter to help get the pee out and drip I think because he's too weak. Kesian die. Tomorrow I'll drop in at the vet to see if he's getting better.  

Gamba Kurap sebagai penutup entri. Die conquer the other side of the bed. I often wake up with her tidur terbongkang beside me


taqiyuddin bakir said...

dils! mencarut.... ohhhhhh this is so unexpected... like hearing expletive from miss anne shirley herself.

Dils said...

You must not open your twitter very often because I cursed like a sailor there. Well, a well mannered sailor.

iceroll said...

Be prepared dils nnt ko akan di ban kerana mengeluarkan kenyataan against the gomen. haha

owhh btw puteh is comel. i always love cats, but takde mase nak jaga.

Dils said...

LOL. Aku bersedia. Cewah. Ketaq lutut kalau tetiba kena panggil.

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