Friday, July 22, 2011

Dream a little dream

I had the weirdest dream.

I dreamt that someone stole all my credit cards and bankcard. Then to cheer me up husband and friends drop me off at this historical place that does not exist in this world, so I can walk to and fro to my heart content. It was suppose to be some old hospital/monastery which looks that it may crumble to the see. And of course when I went up there, bits by bits it crumbles to the sea. Then it got very confusing, with images of bags washed up on shores, various semi naked people carrying knives, random dictator seizing my wallet, hordes of sick people still at the place looking for treatment and not budging from their spot even though the place is gonna fall down. Weird I tell you. 

Then for a second there, I thought I have more to say, but then it eluded me. Maybe I need to type on notepad like the old days.


taqiyuddin bakir said...

you should check your watch more often dils. do it now. check.

taqiyuddin bakir said...

p/s: nice shoes..

Dils said...

LOL. Maybe I should check it more often.

The shoes are nice but not to be worn often.

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