Thursday, July 28, 2011

Many things! Read all about it!

I had been working from home for a while, because the car is at the service center. Gonna pick it up tomorrow.

In the mean time, I had been reading at incredible speed. Both reviews are below. Bossypants which I finished in one sitting at the service center. Chasing Harry Winston is while at home. 

Chasing Harry WinstonChasing Harry Winston by Lauren Weisberger
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I don't know what I was expecting. I guess, perhaps I have difficulties warming up to the character at first. All of them excepting Emmy (and even she grates on my nerves sometimes), is not really likable. The stories and character even with their inner struggles seems shallow to me.

I guess maybe I was expecting Andi voice here ( from Devil Wears Prada). Andi was a great character, she's flawed but she's human. These 3 best friends seems like caricatures. I took great stock in characters. I can stand if a plot is flawed or the writing is a bit choppy, but if I can't identify or like the characters the book does nothing to me.

All in all, it was good towards the end, but it takes time to get there. Overall there is a blandness to this book that make the whole read just 'meh'.

BossypantsBossypants by Tina Fey
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Bossypants is both autobiographical and advise book.

It was funny. Insightful if you want to learn how to be a boss or performer. But overall it doesn't really portray Tina Fey. She give you a glimpse of her life and how her mind works (and some of them I totally agreed with ), but that basically it. I respect the need of privacy but it is jarring with all the celeb tell all these days.

The book have its funny moments, but the moment is not as close together as I hope. But maybe it is unrealistic of me to expect all of her life / outlook on life is a barrel of laugh.

It is a good, light read but you'll never learn anything more of Tina Fey than you learn of her in the media.


Rush hour weirdness.

On Monday I was forced to use the public transport and there I was sweating at the KTM station waiting for the Komuter to arrive, when next to me a group of Japanese ppl was laughing and joking around and taking pictures in front of the public toilet O_O . I guess other people from other countries always took pictures of their technological advance toilet, that they think it is nothing unusual to take picture of our sadly smelly filthy looking toilet. It boggles the mind really. 

Anyway, totally forgot that KTM now have women only couch, I entered the usual one and I was situated right in front of an Indonesian armpit, beside a woman boob and to the left of the Japanese armpit. While trying to keep my balance I placed my hand on the pole and was surprised of something soft. It seems that I was putting my hand smack right onto the woman boobs and my finger was prodding it. It was deeply unsettling to me, but the woman was curiously blase about it. At the same time I was distracted that the Japanese was unbuttoning his shirt right next to me. 

I was immensely relieved that my stop is only a stop away, and I could enter the LRT Putra. KTM is really the lowest of the low of public transport. I know because I had taken a bus to work in PJ before, and the rush hour bus journey is/was a ten times more pleasant ride than a 5 mins KTM rush hour ride can ever be. I am curious if they'll ever find a way to improve it. 

No wonder in my car-less day I have so many things to blog about. Look at the amount of things I can blog about from just 10 mins of public transport ride. 


Fasha likes to hang around my sister house. My 2 nephews are always excited to see her but she just sat composedly licking her fur. The youngest one repeatedly gave her racquet, balls, swords asking Fasha to play with him. He thought that the cats in real world is the same as in cartoon world. 

Kurap is being Kurap. She looks pissed whenever I gave any attention to Puteh, but overall she is contented as long as she have a comfortable place to sleep and her favorite food. 

Puteh is noisy. He constantly mewed, cried and making various noise and will only stop if I let him roam around the house. However I can't trust him to roam around because I am afraid he would pee wherever place he chose. So right now he is mewing and beckoning to be let inside. ( He is place at the back)

Ok. I think that is a long enough post. Most of you short attention people I think had already left the site. Hell, maybe I don't have any reader left. Except you! Yes, you!


FrH said...

best giler working from home!!

so please please please go to work by public transport, so u can regularly update your blog! hihi ;)

Dils said...

LOL. I love you Farahhhh, tapi aku tak sanggup nak naik KTM hari2 semata2 blog.

Unless ade org mahu bayar. Hehe.

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