Thursday, July 14, 2011

I need to lose weight

A sketch of Kurap I did when she was sprawling in front me. That is the only one that remotely looks like her. Geram tgk perut bulat die.

For the reason of I can't find/too late to find a tailor for baju raya, and the only one I can wear (the baju I tempah last year but never wear) I need to lose some weight to fit into. Such is the first world pain of middle class women everywhere. 

In other uninteresting news, husband is here! Not too long, next weekend he'll be off again but I'll not dwell on it too much. Also puasa is starting very soon, at the very least I'll have the Ramadhan month to contemplate by myself and all.

Of the cat, Puteh is now back at home. He can pee on his own but not in the litterbox. I haven't the heart to scold him, but it does get very tiring to clean up after cat pee all the time. I tried to express his bladder and he protested way too much. However after I tried unsucessfully to express the bladder, he did pee right afterwards on somewhere else. He looked so sullen afterwards kinda like "I know how to pee, no need to press on me ok, let me show you" . Mengada betul. Jentik kang. 

Maybe I'll bring him to another vet to really show me how to do it later on. He also now like to follow Fasha everywhere. Awwww, Fasha have an admirer. 

Other than that, I have been shopping way too much, tapi besok pegi Sg. Wang (main adalah Low Yat to search for new computer. My computer sometimes refuse to start. I have to bang on it repeatedly then it would sputtered to life) . I love Sg Wanggg.


Kasapsky said...

kadang2 pc susah nak start sebab windows corrupt. try masuk bios, check reboot from cd, pilih windows recovery, pastu check disk. Sebab ade bug windows update punye pasal pc jadi sengal. satu lg kalau ade install tuneup software also make problem. lepas chkdsk /p then try fixboot or fix mbr. kalau malas repair sedekah je kat saya... hehe

Dils said...

LOL. Memang malas repair pon. But komputer tu pon dah nazak. Takpe. Tgh on hold plak nak beli. Slagi boleh sepak die to turn on, selagi tu sepakk.

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