Thursday, July 01, 2010

Wish List

A new MP3 player. 512MB MP3 player will not cut it anymore nowadays. (yes, I am still using it). I am leaning towards Sony because I have no interest in joining the Apple bandwagon. (I gave away my lucky draw prize 1GB Ipod Shuffle to my sis since I am not interested in using it).

Kick Ass graphic novel.

The Walking Dead graphic novel. Its a bitch to find the Book 1 or Vol 1.

A cardigan.

New jeans.

New pants for work/casual. That can work for both.

Hair treatment.

Gustav Klimt painting. Ok. I am just settling for the jigsaw puzzle of the painting.

A new cat. ( Improbable, but I'll just throw it in the list)
Baju baru. Tsk. Tsk. Its a woman mystery where, your almari is almost bursting with clothes, but you still don't have anything to wear.

Lining untuk baju kurung. Need to do this ASAP untuk tempah baju raya. 

Medium Season 6 DVDs. Damn it pirate sellers in KL, you disappoint me!

Cloche hat. It is insanely out of place, but I do so yearn one! And if I find one, I am so buying one!

Ok. I am setting up a new labels topic for this so I can look and see if I got what I wants.

Updated 3rd July: lalala.


mommy nazeef said...

woooooooo...panjang nyer wish list ko dils...botak en. hubby...hahaha

Dils said...

hahaha... kan kan kan..

takpe... aku pow buku je. Lain2 beli sendri. hehe

ska_ocean said...

beb, leh je kalo nak cross item of misteries tu. Ko check

Anything tagged blouse, aku bagi ko RM30, anything tagged dress, aku bagi ko RM40. LOL. skrg kedai aku tgh sales.

Dils said...

mcm menarik je... aku tgh mengusha la ni. hehehehe..

Aku dgr sales je , terus excited

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