Sunday, July 18, 2010


I will parrot what others had blogged.

Go in there blind and you'll be blown away.

Each and everyone one of the cast is incredibly GREAT in the their roles and it is hard to think of a single bad thing to say in this movie.

And can I also add, how incredibly awesome Joseph Gordon-Levitt in this role. I am just a little bit in love with him.

Go watch it!


Asrol said...

yaaa aku setuju! Terasa mcm dh lama tak tgk movie yg heavy. Bile keluar kepala aku terasa berat kejap. haha.

movie nih ala2 stanley kubrik directing a matrix! haha. eh terase mcm nak buat review jgk lah.

Dils said...

Ini adalah muvi yang sangat best untuk discussion, so best tgk ramai2 actually.

Buat aje review. Spoiler after the jump. Hehe. Macam nak tengok lagi

Obefiend Weiland said...

JGV is your new James McAvoy?

you have a thang for skinny shory blokes eh? LOL

i actually hate Ken Watanabe and Ellen Paige. Ken mumbled alot making his dialogues almost unintelligable (thank god for subs) and Ellen Paige to me is stoll that annoying prat from Juno.

she is just MEH!

but the guy who played Eames is good eh?

Dils said...

I do think so toooo.. I have a soft spot for this skinny loserish looking type of guy.

Actually I like Ken Watanabe dialgue here. Usually he doesn't sound Japanese enough to suit me.

For Ellen Page, I did thought that Ariadne is not as compelling as others, but then I think its more of the character rather than the actress.

I don't like Juno though. But I like Ellen Page well enough.

Eames = Tom Hardy. And yeahhh.. he is kinda awesome.

Snuze said...

Inception is one fantastic mind-fuck. That's all I can say about it. *grin*

I went to see the movie because I saw a Chris Nolan interview talking about the 360 degree rotating set and how much he abused Joe to do the action sequence. Of course I was intrigued and had to go and see what on earth is this.

JGL blew me away. I thought that he was an okay actor, decent in some of the indie stuff he did, but seeing him as an action hero is something else altogether! He is waaaaaay more fun to watch than that infant LaBeouf.

I am a little in love with both Arthur and Eames; so much so that I've been devouring near all the Arthur/Eames fic I could lay my paws on. Isn't it crazy that in less than a month, this pairing has got its own LJ community with >400 posts already? Not inclusive of other general but related communities.

Just so much joy. *grin*

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