Thursday, July 08, 2010

Hormones on the rise today?

I was buying a Sony Walkman a few hours back, ( I think having a wish list is dangerous, it keeps on reminding you of things you want to buy. I am not doing it again! I think).

The the salesperson who attended me, went to the computer to check if the model I want is available while I walked slightly further away watching "Disaster Movie" (God, that movie is horrendous) on play in those new TVs, then I glanced back at the salesperson who now have another salesperson sitting on his knee and both are giggling. Oh yes, both salesperson are guys.

I quickly averted my eyes, as if macam I am watching something private. Which of course, yes. Tapiiii... perlukah berlaku di dalam kedai time you tengah working and a customer is waiting?


Was driving to work today and in front of me is a couple on a bike. I usually hate couple on bike because usually they are slow especially kalau orang yang bawak awek baru ni dan nak tunjuk pemandangan. On a busy, fast road.

Well this couple is no better. A bit faster than the usual, but while I am behind them I wish I could flog the girl! She was actually tickling her boyfriend on the bike and the bike went careening right and left for a while. And jolting me into braking so as not to make mincemeat of them on the road.



Anasfadilah said...

mincemeat on the road?bleurghh.

nak ticke-tickle plak atas motor,tickle kat alam barzakh kang baru ada akai.


taqiyuddin bakir said...


Dils said...

Memang... Agak-agak tempat la nak bermanja pon kan.

Isn't it...

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