Friday, July 09, 2010

Emmy noms are in

And most people don't care a hoot. I generally do not care. But I get pretty excited when I heard the leads in Friday Night Lights finally getting some recognition and Archie Panjabi is nominated. She is the best thing that happened in The Good Wife.

What I most excited about is that Dylan Baker is nominated in the guest star. I loved his story in The Good Wife. That story is gripping, incredibly acted upon and just make me sway wildly throughout the whole hour. Guilty, no, yes, definitely guilty, but he can't possibly be too cliche and guilty, but he can be guilty just look at his eyessss!!!! Awesome episodes.

That's all I wanna say. It is Friday and I am contemplating either to buy a hat or a jigsaw puzzle. It's really a very hard decision to make upon.

p/s: Herm.. I am loving my new Sony Walkman. TQVM.


Obefiend Weiland said...

i never watched the good wife but I try to catch Army Wives on a weekly basis


why? Because of Catherine Bell..she was so hot in JAG

on a side note PACIFIC with most noms

i need to download that series ASAP

Dils said...

I did watched Army Wives, it is pretty decent and Catherine Bell is hot. I remembered in JAG being distracted by her boobs! Hahaha...

Didn't notice the miniseries noms. Tapi Band of Brothers pon tak habis tengok.

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