Monday, July 26, 2010

Good things must come to an end

Re: Manga
Onemanga is shutting down or at the very least deleting most of its content. It distressed me HUGELY. I had just started reading again manga. Before this I am just confining myself to a couple of mangas and recently I am curiously trying to read as many as I can find and this have to happen. Gah! Am currently reading Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai. Ok enough lar. To be honest it is boring. I have no idea why I am still reading it though. Must be a habit where if I started reading something, I MUST FINISH IT!

Re: Book
I have not been posting book reviews because I am still trying to finish the Inkheart trilogy. Though I did manage to sneak in and finished few other books in between reading Inkheart. I think the next time, I will not be buying a 3 in 1 kinda books again. It is a pain to bring the book even downstairs to read. Hence the 'lembapness' in reading time. While Inkheart is kinda like a bore, Inkspell is getting to be interesting. Probably since I had seen the movie before? The movie does follow the book quite closely so I got a little bored reading the book. 

Re: Series
I had finished watching Medium. And my night time allocation for series watching had suddenly become so free. Now I am rewatching SATC. My husband had been sucked into it too. Though he actually just sit next to me while playing computer games. Once in a while when there's a scene that is really KILLING me, I would interrupt him because he just NEED to watch this. But I know he sucked into the series already. Hah!


Asrol said...

Haa tuh laa sedih jgk kan onemanga nak shutdown. anyway, there's always an alternative to everything. try Got a load of collections too. In fact, aku lg prefer mangafox then onemanga psl mangafox ade ecchi. hahaha.

Books, taknak komen.

Husband ko tak perlu malu2 to admit he has been sucked into watching SATC, because i have fallen into that deep hole years ago. Since utp age. In fact, aku penah suggest ko tgk dulu tp ko dgn arrogantnye menolak. hahaha.

Obefiend Weiland said...

i love satc

maby thanks to the july 2000 fella for sharing it at UTP

izzu was his name was it? dah blur.

anyways one thing that i never picked up while in UTP is reading manga. Thank god. to me manga punya art sucked compared to US comix. yea. imma snob!

Dils said...

Aku memang pegi mangafox untuk ecchi pon. Hahahahah.

Tapi aku tak suke sgt background mangafox tu. tapi suke tak suke, nampak gaya kena terima je la.

Hahaha.. ye ye ko memang peminat unggul SATC dari dahulu.

Yeah, I think it was Izzu, but thanks to him a lot of girls got addicted to it. And guys.

Graphic snobs? Heh. I love both! But at least I will only save my cash for the really pretty graphic one (US comics).

It annoyed me that manga tadek warna. Malas sungguh mangaka ni.

ini gua said...

mangafox okay ke?.. selalu gua baca dekat one manga je.. gila.. nak tutup dah...

Kasapsky said...

Xpe. onemanga dah xde, ni ade lg..dont worry. mangafox pun ade lg. Manga kaler2 ade, biasa kalau episod best diorg rajin sikit kaler2. Tp sebab nak wat classic manga old school, wat itam putih. Sebab kalau kaler2 dah kire license so kena beli. Satu lg diorg xde masa kut sebab nak draw utk anime lagi...

Dils said...

ini gua
Considering, mangafox lagi banyak lagi manga. Well for titles yang aku cari la. So ok je. Cuma aku kureng suke rupa page die je.

Tak penah plak try mangastream. Nanti usha. Thanks.

Oh taw, yang special edition tu ade kaler. Cuma kadang2 wish sume berkaler. Haha.

Kasapsky said...

xsilap mangastream ni born dr onemanga jugak. Crew2 lama yg rebel buat haluan kiri.. Xsure sejarah dia tapi dia nye scan lebih kurang sama cam onemanga.. janji leh update manga sudey..

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