Thursday, October 08, 2009

Freaks and Geeks

Never seen the series but heard it was cool.

Anyway, I was hanging around some other people blog when we came upon a discussion on online dating and one of the guy mentioning he is doing something in neuroscience. Genius y'all!

Now, not here to talk about online dating, but the neuroscience bit. Basically the blogger gave an option of 4 boys to choose from and one of them mentioning he's doing the neuroscience bit and many girls in the comment agreed that the blogger should pick the neuroscience guy. Obvs, contrary to popular belief, geeks rule.

I myself have a soft spot for geeks or the really awkward guy. Seeing them all bumbling, shy and smiling nervously make my heart melts and I usually like to talk and joke with them. But the thing is, usually these geeks only have the hots for really gorgeous girls dan aku hanyalah sekadar the ears to hear their woe. Heh!

Anyway, hear my tale! Few years back dolu-dolu, I met a guy at my first workplace. He was nice enough, shy and bumbling. I like him but I don't like LIKE him. But I treated him nicely, as well as any friend might do to another friend. Then he resigned to work at another place and as usual with many resigning colleagues, phone number exhanges are being done with promises keeping in touch that are never kept. But he did kept in touch with me when he move to another office.

At first it was fine enough. Then he began to get annoying. First the random missed call at random times. You know how it is, people missed call you with the intention of the call should be MISSED. Annoying aight. But I was fine with it. A few times I called him back asking if anything was the matter or if there's anything he want. But it is always the occasional "how are you" bla bla bla things.

Then he began to ask me out vaguely. Like " You are free ke this weekend?", "Tadek plan ke esok..." But I always make up excuses. I had no interest in him and I do not want to hurt him by going out with him and me still being uninterested.

One fine day, I remembered it clearly, I was at KLCC. Noticed a missed call from him again. I just sms again asking, if anything the matter. Then I got a shocking sms along this line of "Jom la kite beromen". Wow!

If indeed I was in the mood for 'beromen' I don't think so I will be persuaded by that kinda line wouldn't I? I deleted his sms and blocked and ignored his calls from then on. About a few weeks of me not replying to any of his forms of communication he kinda get it and leave me alone afterwards.

I am not sure of his intentions of the sms, if its a joke or not, but I was put off by it. Not to mention insulted. Just show you that sometimes even the awkwards geeks or freaks have their douche moments.


Obefiend Weiland said...

it was not a joke

most men are just stupid at reading the subte sign of "please fuck off not interested" from women

as a blok i apologise for this flaw in my brothas hint taking abilities

to most chaps selagi perempuan tu tak kata direct "aku tak suka" he will see it as greenlight lah. so womens... please stop thinking you will hurt our feelings. just say it in our face

thank you

cool story !

mangifera said...

a male is a male even he's a geek or a freak or a jock. different is whether they have the balls to say it in front of you or just text you or leaving creepy love letter from secret admirer.

yeah, men don't do subtle sign or hint. just tell it to our face. yeah, we might regards you as a bitchy personnel but it save lots of annoying moment for both party. my gf learn it the hard way but she learnt it anyway. :)

i have easy rules with regards of this, i date only one woman (until break up or getting married) and i keep befriend with people that i know for long. i don't make up new friend easily as i'm mostly unapproachable during most times outside and spending 3/4 of my times indoor. that's how i stay from freaks. hahaha. though sometimes i also could get freaky, but that doesn't count.

iceroll said...

Aaahh mcm ku knal aje org itu. Hahaha.

Anyway, me kinda understood this kind of guy. He will try to ask u out but not in the direct way, because they were afraid of rejection of course. So instead of saying,"Will u go out with me tomorrow?" they will ask u,"U got any plan tomorrow?" and then, wait for ur answer. If u answer them,"Oh shit I got plan already." They will say,"Nevermind just asking."

Lps tuh the sms thing, let me guess, mesti dah lama kan die tak sms ko? Hmm sebenarnye it wasn't intentionally sent to u. Ermm.. it was, but that wasn't what he mean. Sebenarnye die nak buat taktik tersilap antar, and then expecting to u reply something like,"???" or "I don't get u." u know, just to start a conversation. Then lps tuh die kate laa tersilap antar laa, or worse sedara or kawan die nak pedajal die antar that kind of msg using his phone to random chic in his phonebook. Lps tuh nnt start laa conversation. Unfortunately for him the tactics backfired, u deleted it without a second thought. Haha.

Owhh this kinda spooky. How come I know all this shite?

ps: kpd reader lain, aku bukanlah lelaki itu... kan?

Dils said...

Initially I was feeling a kinda warm and fuzzy feeling for him. Kinda like someone might feel for a kitten. Not exactly a thing that will bolster a man confidence up?

Heh. Ko memang anti social Dueng. We know it!

Be direct. That's true. For a more on your face come on from a guy, I'll give a direct reply. But vague-vague ni, I am just taking a safe route too. Kalo cakap direct kang, he will cakap "Ehhh.. tadek. I tak ajak you kuar pon. " .

Believe me. Aku sudah pon kena.

Assumption kamu sungguh la panjang.

Kalo betul la itu taktik. Salah taktik sungguh. I mean kalo dah kenal betul-betul aweks itu baru la bole bagi kan jokes sedemikian.

And yeah. You seems to memahami sungguh mentaliti lelaki itu. Huhuhu.

Kasapsky said...

better jgn layan je that guy. Sometimes ade jugak guy yg desperate sanoai cam tu, tapi that's not reason for acception. Ade 2 assumption aku rasa, gabungan joke and serious. Like gamble. So nasibla kalo penerima tu nak layan or just ignore cam Dil. Part yg "I do not want to hurt him " to abaikan je. Better be selfish and jual mahal sikit. Thats why most guy like married girl cause diorg suka jual mahal. Yg jual murah2 ni boring. Just suggestion and comment. Jgn marah pulak aku Dil. Peace......

FrH said...

warghhhhhh .. interesting real-story to not be forgotten. :P

well, dia dah give psl kau xbrape layan dia. so he just came out with final shocking words to end up your relationship .. sbb dia tau xkan kau nk reply "ok, lets beromeng." haha.

Dils said...

Hehe.. Ini peristiwa sudah lama sebelom kahwin. Maybe jugak la gabungan jokes and serious. Tapi mcm tak kena plak caranye

Hahaha. Ade ke orang nak leave bad impression camtuh? Agaknye die pk "kalo die jawab ok, ok gak, kalo tak... lantak la.." .


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