Friday, October 02, 2009

The post of no concluding point but one

Its been a few years down the line with this blog.

Honestly, I don't know what to talk about in this blog as I now choose to keep most family and personal matters out of ere( so that people reading this blog wouldn't be offended but I may talked about some. Heh),. But we had rehashed this topic already aight. I will keep on spewing whatever stuffs I can muster about. Those of you who cares enough to read and stay and comment, will continue to do so until you feel bored about the whole thing and move on to the next more interesting thing.

Now, I want to talk about other blogs. Let's be honest. Before this I used to read other blogs religiously. Popular blogs like Suanie, Waitterrant, Kenny and Xiaxue. Suanie up to this point, I enjoyed but she blogged less and less now. All the others and some other notables I am not mentioning I had stopped because mainly of the 'celeb' status or Nuffnang. Waiterrant have good writing style still and so does the others. I am not here to hanker on their writing or blog style because you all know I have none.

I am of course only a person out of a million who blogs. But the thing is, nowadays I am enjoying reading blogs that have none of the followers of these 'celeb' bloggers do. I even like Xiaxue. I find her crass, opinionated, thoughtless but damn she is entertaining. But the thing I found that turned me off is the 'adverts'.

I kinda cringe when seeing 'adverts' on people blogs. The bigger they are, the worse it looked to me. But I totally understand that people wants free $$ so I unclench and STFU and just continue reading. I 'clenched' further when these big ass adverts now come animated. Moving, getting bigger when scroll over, and some even with sounds. Sigh.

But the worst is when the advertorial post come in.Its fine with one or two post in a month. But it seems to be nowadays, out of 10 post. 8 are advertorial, 2 are not. A bit much. Then the invites to events because they are 'celebs' blogger. Invite to restaurants. Invite to parties. Invite to premieres. While they are saying it is fun, it just scream adverts to me. I am a bit turn off by this. Maybe jealousy? Maybe, because I know I can't have what they have. But dudes, it is just not interesting anymore.

Back in the days, people are getting excited if their traffic generated 100 hits per day. (I have yet to achieve this, and resigned myself to always having 20 readers per day. Teehee) Nowadays, people are clamoring over Nuffnang (which is the BIG thing now) in blog posting, to get invites and adverts and such. Now before people start screaming "YOU ARE JUST JEALOUS and IF YOU DO NOT LIKE OUR BLOG, STOP READING." (Ain't that the mantra for bloggers nowadays? ) I did state, maybe I am jealous and I still like your blog.

But I am just getting sick of adverts.

Which is the reason I stopped reading Kenny Sia. And some other notables. This is even a don't do or do kinda post. I am just whining that I don't like reading advertorial post because I know I can't have these stuffs for free yet I am too 'mengade' to not subscribe to Nuffnang and my post is mediocre.

Geeez. The point is again?


Anasfadilah said...

the point is

u dont like ads :D

Obefiend Weiland said...


the point is blogging should not be about the adverts. adverts on the side is ok-ish but when they have top banner, middle banner and advertorials i also drew a line

never liked Kenny Sia coz he is such a dbag. now everything is guiness this and that.

you can see that they are doing it for the money. the reason why people blog in the first place is the freedom of expression. write things that would normally wont get published in newspapers. these celeb bloggers are sell outs for writing more about products than themselves. so what's the point of reading?

kan kan?

you know what else i hate about celeb bloggers. they are using their readers to win free swags. take for example the nuffnang award. we know that they are PAID BY NUFFFNANG to be ambassadors. So once in a while NN will organise a huge contest or award ceremony. They then use their blogs to PROMOTE The event and then begs the reader to vote for them

now.. they already kena bayar by NN. and now you vote for them to get even more free shit and awards. its like an exclusive club of 6 bloggers who in all honesty cannot be called bloggers anymore due to the shitload of ADVERTORIALS.

i like you stopped reading a few celeb blogs. i now lepak at reporter's blog. lagi best... at least they can write and they haven't sold out .. YET!

Dils said...

Effi make my point perfectly.


I know. I hate those advertorial post. I even hate the post they did when they won something from Nuffnang (because of course they won because they are popular) or the events they went to because it is still advertising to me.

I am now hanging around blogs from all over the worlds. To get away from Nuffnang for a while.

And its true, its becoming less and less on what you wanna write about and your thoughts or life, but showing off products they got.

taqiyuddin bakir said...


the point is about free speech. Bloggers can blog about whatevertheshit they want. And this post is about that. about how we disagree about something and are able to blog about our disagreement without being lynched.

Yeah sure you didn't make any money doing it but hey.. it was always about free speech.

Its about being able to say fuckyalltokazooiie!!! and don't have to care if people felt offended by it or not.

which brings back to the earlier paragraphs of your post. You were talking about how you're self-censoring your blog to not offend your family. That in my book is right up there with advertorial blogs. well, maybe less since commercialized blog tend to shut up about their sponsor's failings. same thing with self-censoring.

But hey... i stopped blogging after i got married. i'd say i'm the biggest self-censoree there is. and look at what happen to my blog.. nothing.. just some inane pictures of my kid.

and your blog is turning into

Dils said...

Meh. What is wrong with Fasha is hilarious!

I don't quite believe in free speech. Free speech comes with a price. And when people bring up free speech it is usually talking about sensitive issues or things that can hurt someone.

But that beside the point because blogs as an advocate for free speech is quite ludicrous because we would assume that most bloggers would be fine upstanding citizen who wants to fights for everything good and pure. Heh.

Free speech is an argument will be long and drawn out with no conclusion.

Like I said, blog what you like. I am stating my personal dislike on this and I know it does not affect matters altogether. Free speech?

FrH said...

ye dila. agreed.
annoying btol kalo ada adverts kt blog nih (lebih menambah perisa menyampah kalo ada lagu) ..

tp aku lg menyampah kalo org blog sehari ada 8 posting.

pastu lg menyampah aku bile blog jadik diari. isnt diary supposed to be secret? come on laa save something for your ownselves la.

eh emo jap.

Kasapsky said...

blogger use their blog to express their feeling,ideas, comments and etc personaly and independent. Because too shy to talk face to face, so blogging is the smart way. Like me, first i dont like blogging actually. But when i read most or yourall blog sampah, then i realise. it is the suck way how to communicate and follow yourall. Giler rindu kat korang. haha. Another thing blogging also can improve your writing skill. I am very bad writing in english but try to improve day to day. Advertising is like side income. Sometime for sharing communities. We can't blame them cause it is up to them. So i got idea for you for update your blog. try write about what is book you reading. Kasik comment skit. So ade skit idea nak comment more. haha. ape yg aku merepek ni....

iceroll said...

Aaahh as usual. U make things complicated dils, again! Hehe.

I don't quite give a damn. I just write, and read if it is good. Hmm.. Maybe the reason is because mine.. Not so many people reads mine though. Haha. Tuh psl la I don't give a damn.

Dils said...

Heh. Ade belog tu memang macam diary pon. Rasenye awal-awal tu sume wat camtuh, tapi mcm takde privacy plak kan.

Ade lagu tu memang agak annoying, LAGI annoying kalo ade lagu pastu tak jumpa mana nak stop. Itu memang aku tak pegi dah.

Haha, Betul. Belog tu is a medium of expression. My initial plan is to improve my english oso maa. (Habis tak improve di situ). So kenkadang guna bahasa skema, and kalo malas, campur campur aje.

Reviews of books? Ade jugak la kan I post occasionally. Tak ramai komen for that kinda post, but sometimes bile aku tak ingat buku yang aku baca dahulu tu pasal ape, aku usha balik blog post that I did.

Hehe. Belog aku pon bukan ramai sangat readers, tapi aku memang whiner. Hahaha.

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