Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Cormac McCarthy : The Road

Mencuri masa membuat book review sebentar, before I totally forget it. I had been meaning to write, but forgot because I finished reading the book during Raya holiday. When Kasapsky mentioned about writing book review, then I remembered!

About a year ago when I was IMDBing Viggo Mortensen, I heard that a film was being made based on a book from Cormac McCarthy, The Road. I never heard of the author before, but the synopsis caught my eyes.

Post apocalyptic tale of a journey taken by a father and his young son over a period of several months, across a landscape blasted by an unnamed cataclysm that destroyed all civilization and, apparently, most life on earth.
Synopsis from wiki.

Post apocalyptic tale intrigued me (One of the reason why I love zombies film). I couldn't say much about the plot or story because they way it played out is exactly how you picture it. Father and son, walking on a road in search of a better world. I can even guess how the ending went.

But the point of the book I believe is not for thrill or mystery. This book gave me nightmare. It sucked you in, make you feel hopeless and the world is empty and devoid of humanity when time get desperate. There are time, when I have to literally put the book down because I feel suffocated reading it. Maybe it is my overactive imagination. But I tell you, I find it rare that a book can evoke so much hopelessness when reading it.

The character in the book does not have names. It is just The Man and The Boy. As if when the world end, nothing about you matter but survival. There are many other pointed symbolism in the book, but I am not going to act all clever and comment it out (You should read a comment from a smart ass in IMDB, it just boggles the mind). Some I kinda get, some I don't but that is a discussion best for book clubs. And I couldn't be bothered to join one.

Summary of review: A book like this is hard to recommend. It is worth it when reading it, you get why this book the Pulitzer, but I would say read it for the experience of reading it.


Obefiend Weiland said...

hey dils

thanks for the review, but from book cover pun tau not my type

talking about my type..

i bough the Matt Riley book you reviewed. was kinda disappointed with the way he write. kinda dumbed down to my liking. halfway baca pastu terus givap. its too condescending to me. LOL

Dils said...

Hahaha. You're too clever for Matthew Reilly. Maybe I am too used on books that are dumbed down as I do like chic lits. Haha.

But some of the plot or stories is really very, far fetched. Kinda like he heard of it, and paint a wildly inaccurate picture out of it. Well in his case, write a story.

I did enjoy his book though. And what part you mean dumbed down? 'Facts', 'action' , language or how he describe things?

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