Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another Stray Kitten

Heard her wailing for the whole night and woke me up several times. Come morning went out looking and I found the source standing shivering, soaking wet near the drain. It rained heavily last night kan.

I think its a her. Usually I just know without needing to look at the backside for the telltale bump.

Bath her for a bit, which she does not appreciate (ye lah kan, dah la mandi hujan malam tadi, bile pagi mandi lagi), then I blow dry her with a hair dryer her which she does not also appreciate. Miau macam petir ok. Badan je kecik, bergema-gema rumah bile die miau. I left her to dry on a pile of old rags.

Don't think so will be keeping her as my sister had voiced out disapproval. So I pesan to the maid, bile dah kering, put her outside back again. Before I went to work, she was sleeping on the rags.

Sigh. Macam SPCA pulak kan. Tapi comel. Macam Fasha masa kecik-kecik.

Updated on 22/10: Kitteh after sudah dried was let go and never seen since. Prolly back to her momma. (And I hope that is the case)


Anasfadilah said...

adik fasha!yay!

kesian kan tengok stray kitten..

Dils said...

Memang! Bile tengok this little ball of fuzziness, terus heart melt macam butter. huhuhu

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