Friday, July 14, 2006

'Tis Friday. Rejoice.

But I felt so azure blue. Waitaminute. Its Friday. Its the day every employee felt joy when its approach. But I just got back from a head spinning training for the new product release. (if you can call a recording video presentation by someone on the other side of the planet a training). And I felt like crying.

New product release. That is the understatement of the past 2 years. Everything looks different than the one we are used to. When we were in university, as lowly naive students we had learnt this term. "User or employee resistance to new technology". This term are coined as a negative aspect? force? obstacles? when a company wanted to use new technology or an upgrade. As greenhorn and our snotty nose rather than stucks between textbooks we rarely read but up on the air looking disdainful of the people who don't know to use computer and we ourselves proclaimed we are technology savvy, we don't exactly understand why should this should be a major problem.

But it is. It is. Imagine all the non savvy techie people who does't even know how to minimize a window, much less have to handle one product that looks so bewildering and confusing and have all these tech jargon. Like what I would always say to my colleagues. "Die lah for sure". Imagine telling these peoples what this log events meant when we ourselves are struggling to familiarize ourselves in a limited time. Hate programmer/developers who only think of themselves. Pbbbthhh~

I also had just taken an insurance policy to make my beneficiary considerably richer if I died. I looked at all the flow chart and see of all the probabilities that could befalled a human being. If you get to an accident, if you suddenly got cancer, if suddenly you are blind. Then being a woman now. Woman. Baah. I hate that. I was presented with more catastrophe that could befallen me. If I got breast cancer, if I got breast cancer and need to undergo reconstruction surgery, if I got into an accident and my face is disfigured, if my baby is suffering from some sorta disease, if I have pregnancy complications. I could assure you, it could bring anyone down looking at these policy insurance on things they supposedly cover and imagine 30 different catastrophe that can happen to you. So every month my pocket decrease manyfold to get this protection and for me not to be old, disfigured, physically impaired, penniless and begging on the street. Thus what they say. Men are born to borrow trouble.

Such a depressing post on a Friday. That is okay. I will get back home tonight and play Diner Dash 2. Special thanks to Yoda to make that happen :P . Oh and yeah, it does work now. Muehehe.


obefiend said...

insurance companies are owned by men

statistic shows that the major holder of a life insurance are mostly women. why?

here is why?

unlike women men dont think way ahead. they never think about their mortality. my father took a policy when he was 40+. the same time he was diagnosed with earlys tages of diabetes. men wont admit the fact that they can die young. women in the other hand thinks too much. this is clearly seen on the way you gals dress, talk and plan your life

in a realtionship for instance. barau date 2 mingu dah nak ada annuversary. men dont do that. you guys also start talking about how the wedding and the babies are gonna be like. men dont.

so women will fall victim to the whole insurance what if conundrum

but on hindsight....not bad what. be ready for the problem. unlike most men. dah tau merokok still tak amik insuran kenser. me included. we are simple and dumb creatures!


Unta@Jitra said...

Cakap pasal insuran... tingat 2 cerita

1) 2 hari lepas aku marathon anime TRIGUN dari mule sampai abis hehe... ade laa pasal 2 org gadis ditugaskan oleh kompeni insurans diaorg soh wat assessment...

Err xde kene mengene pon dgn entry ko kalini dila hahaha

2) Pasal sorang kwn adik aku, skarang ni ngaji kt England... degree in Sains Aktuari... aku mule2 tatau ape tu aktuari (dah wiki baru tau... kt sini)... pasal risk assesment... menarik... nk tentukan premium 1-1 insuran pon sampai route diorg amik g keje hari2 pon is a factor... jln byk eksiden, primium nek

Anyway i'll think about my insurance nanti2 laa... penting tu penting, tp xbrapa berduit lg nk bayar premium bulan2 ehe

p/s: dah dpt men ek dila? aku nak g restoran nomo 3 pon xlepas2 lg hahaha... gudlak (u're welcome bout he help hehe)

Dila said...

Huhu. I guess I am a tad bit cautious. But since I love shopping. This can also be a way to save money for the ripe ol age.

But many of my guy's friends do take insurance now.

Heh. tu yg byk jugak yg skang keje as insurance seller. Betul.. tunggu dh ok skit gaji. Huuhu.. tp kalo postpone lambat sgt... makin mahal la kena byr.

p/s: dh men. Aku skang kat restoran no.4 . HUhuhu... nk try abeskn next week.

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