Sunday, July 02, 2006

The fever I call Veronica Mars


Why? Why would I be yeaying? Those who didn't know. I am kinda obsessed with Veronica Mars now. Been watching the series like a marathon. Thank you lan for introducing me to this rockin series~

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And I just finish watching Episodes 18.... and MAJOR spoiler ahead to those who haven't watched the series and hate spoilers, Veronica and Logan kissed. Yeay...

To those unfamiliar of the Neptune world, the summary of the story is Veronica Mars and his father is an outcast at Neptune town and the her high school. This happened after his father the then sheriff accused a father of Veronica Mars BFF, Jack Kane of killing his own daughter Lilly Kane. Jack Kane, who is the owner of a multi billion?million? a software company much loved by the people, was upheld innocent by the whole town bringing the town to persecute Veronica father, Keith and herself at her own high school. Keith Mars refused to back off from his town, and stayed to open up a PI company. Assisted with his lil daughter, they bring in the cases and solved it together.

Introducing the main character:
Veronica Mars: The petite blond cute as a button ;as described, as the outcast at the school. She used to be the 'in' crowd when she and Lilly Kane was BFF. After her father was accused, she was mocked, ridiculed and ignored. So now with a spunky attitude and wits, she is the one to goes to if you want the dirt on anyone or track down a lost puppy.

Duncan Kane: Duncan was Veronica ex boyfriend. They were THE dream couple of the school, the rich popular guy hooked up with the PEP squad girl, Veronica. He also happens to be Lilly's brother . One day he just stop being Veronica boyfriend, without any explanation (girls everywhere around the world can so relate to this) , and soon after his sister was killed he join in the other in ignoring Veronica. Though not so unkindly. He is cute in a jock sorta way, however he irked me with his stone like quality. He do not have any charisma, and I felt joy whenever Veronica have her eyes on other guy. However , Veronica seems to still have feeling for the old ex boyfriend.

Logan Echolls: The half demented with a mean stripes on him sometimes, the school jock and terrors. Early on the series you see him attacking Veronica verbally and not to mention the vandalising of her car's with such vigour. However as the series progresses, you got a glimpse into his life and his human side which make him all the more flawed and thus so interesting. He is also Duncan BFF since kindies and used to be Lilly Kane's boyfriend.

Wallace Fennel: He is the new kid at school whom Veronica Mars cut down from the flagpole. He, is just, well, he is a sidekick to Veronica. All superheroes needs one right? And he is just the one. Sweet nice dependable Wallace and Veronica total BFF. He bring in the breath of normalcy to this series.

Eli Weevil: First we saw him as a motorbike riding thug. He lives in a ghetto and is the head gang of the motorcycle gang at Neptune. He provide Veronica Mars with muscle and the sometimes threat needed sometimes in extracting information. Why? Veronica Mars get him out of a sticky situation thus makes him forever indebted. He is too nice for a motorcycle thug, but however this is after all a family show!

The other characters are multiple, however this are few of the one you usually see popping out in each series.

Ah yes, why do I like Veronica and Logan so much? Duncan was good looking enough of the heartthrob of the school, however Logan with his snobby snotty way and sarcasm to match is the guy you enjoy watching.

All of you guys know that girls never really meant that ALL they ever want is to find one nice boy. All of us in one way or the other find ourself once, attracted to the guy that the parents would slam their door to if he came by to a girl house. Logan is just this bad guy, who is so vulnerable at times that we can't help but wish him all the best.

He is not that good looking, but hey... I like my man throwing things around, rampaging like a bull, have a big emotional trauma-like experience and acting like a jerk, but also manage to save the day. The looks don't really matter , its the whole experience of unexplainable happiness he brings when he smiled and the depth of despair when he treated you like trash. Sad isn't it... Its one of my fault I say.

So she and Logan kissed. Sooo friggin exciting I say. Gosh, I am speaking or typing like a ditzy high school kids, but its soooo make me shout half hoarsely "Yes! Yes!~ Thats what I want to see.. Bring it on!!! YEEESSSS!". And I was literally pacing the room when that scene played, filled with joy and unexplainable happiness, both cheeks hot. Which then I stop dead in my track for a second when I realized that this is what I usually do when I was in love. And I haven't felt that for almost as long as I wish to forget. Yeay~ way to substitute love with teen series!

Oh, and Duncan? Go and romance the boring girl.

This is getting interesting!!! I am on Team Logan with that slogan emblazoned on my T-shirt. (As soon as I can find a white T-shirt). Oh and yeah. This series unconciously revived my love on jacket again. The characters are always wearing such cool looking jackets. Thus I blamed them as I splurged on a new jacket from MnG cause they totally look cool like the one Veronica wears. Lame excuse I know. But hey.. thats partly the reason too. Really. And MnG have really good sales going on now too.

p/s: However I know good thing ain't made to last. Sadly. Sigh~ My great love of the series will surely not get their way if I know how does the usual series work.


obefiend said...

you watch VM dils? wow. that was unexpected. i just couldnt pry my ass off to watch any tellie these days. world cup and need of sleep pretty much limit me to CSI. hahaha

Dila said...

Hahah, becoz how very cheery like of me to watch VM?

I don't watch as much as football remembers. So while you guys were cheering on Brazil and England, I am happily watching VM with a stupid grin on my face.

Maximilius Abes said...

"I like my man throwing things around, rampaging like a bull, have a big emotional trauma-like experience and acting like a jerk, but also manage to save the day."

you haven't been dating much lately huh?

Dila said...

Nah. Can't say I have. I prefer to have imaginary friends nowadays, well.. maybe imaginary dates.

kunci hilang said...

oppss... i knew nothing about this veronica. Till just now.

Dila said...

It have its own cult following. Better than the average teen series drama I guess.

I really liked this series. One of the series I won't mind buying the DVD collection.

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