Monday, July 17, 2006

Silent of the World.

I wish weekends are 5 days instead of 2. My weekends nowadays are pretty busy. I have so many DVDs to go through rather than just aimlessly go out on the weekend!! I went on a Buffy marathon the past days. Love me some Buffy. Just manage to only finish Season 1 (Well, I also have the business of playing Diner Dash 2). 5 more seasons to go through! Spike haven't appear yet in Season 1. So I am anticipating the moment when I watch Season 2. Yeay~

Forgot to bring my sweater today. So I am kinda numb and unable to think clearly because of the cold. The office is freezing because there are a few thick skin personas who will sweat profusely if the aircond is above 24C.

On world news today, the world is agog with war with Israel bombing Lebanon left and right. I don't follow world news much nowadays so I am a bit fuzzy on the details.(yeah, yeah, dumb gal.. but world news are so depressing anyway). But I bet if Siti indeed will announce her marriage today, THAT piece of news will go to the front page instead of the war news and I bet I will have more details on that.

Isn't it laughable the so call world leaders is being quiet on this bombing. There are always so busy to butt in on other trivial stuffs. Probably too busy concentrating on North Korea which have not yet bomb any country yet. I meant, why bother on things that have happened eh, no use crying over spilt milk probably is their motto.

Air raids are such impersonal weapons. Effi was right, perhaps the World War 1 (the earlier stages) is the war of the gentlemans. But when is war had ever been gentlemanly? If air raids are as impersonal, does not cannon and catapult are the same? The people who load this gun from afar do not see the destruction and the mangled bodies they had caused. I always wonder do the person who dropped the bomb on Hiroshima, ever came back to see the bodies and the destruction they had caused on the innocent citizens. Probably that is why I never like to watch Pearl Harbour. Boring movie of a slaughtering of Americans soldiers which ended with the slaughtering of Japanese citizens. I always scoffed at the war and soldiers that killed innocent peoples and even children. They said it is accidental. But if someone accidentally run over your kid, you would want to tear out their throat too wouldnt you.Instead, no apologies to the grieving family. No, nothing. Just, its war. An emergency state. As if that excuse it.

To me war is and had always been between 2 parties. When I said parties, I meant 2 or 3 person agendas. The soldiers are just pawn. And the citizens are the board where they trampled on.

Ah , now on a lighter note. I read an article about a woman's wish on choosing sugar daddies or money in marrying a man. There is a difference. One is a sheer disgusting luxury and one is just a justifiable need. I think this article probably have something to do with a certain celebrity. I wonder if the author place her in the golddigger section or justfiable needs. Ah well, but the celebrity golddiggers marriage to the ripe ol age Dato' is the one that we rarely heard end in divorce, but those who went all lovey dovey years ago on the cover of a magazine is the one ended up signing their name on the divorce paper. Perhaps true love is truly overrated.


iceroll said...

i'll choose marrying a rich woman..... with big boobs

Unta@Jitra said...

Baru jek aku blog pasal Israel-Lebanon hehe... ade gak org concern... bagus2... emo plak rase tgk civilian casualties... diaorg wat org ni cam barang mainan je... ahh kalolaa aku yg pegang trigger missile Hizbullah tu hahaha... Tel-Aviv aa aku target... tapi AM (anti-missile) Israel ni power gak... ahh... tapelaa aku emo sket haha

Perang... perang... minyak nek harga... skarang dah nak cecah USD80 per barrel... 1 Jan 2007 ni konfem nek 5kupang... jadilaa RM2.42 sen per liter...

Eh perenggan last tu ade kaitan dgn Siti Nurhaliza n Datuk K ke? LOL

Dila said...

If you like things which are non-ori. Sure, I wish you happiness.

Heh. They have the better weapon, and you can be damn sure they would have the better support. Israel I meant.

Biasala.. dah la yang die org aim is telaga minyak. This is soo not the time to visit the Middle East.~

The Malaysia world agog of Siti. Of course.

shu said...

i wish the weekend is five days as well.. urghh.. damn nice..

Dila said...

I heard somewhere there are peoples fighting for a 3 days weekend.

I cheer them on. LOL.

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