Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Click. Click.

World cup is over. Boohoo.. the jam packed road are starting again as usual. Funny how things like school holidays and World Cup can make the road seems much more 'spacier'.

Got nothing to update. Maybe I am bored or I am just a bore. But actually I got things to do. *snickers* Actually I am playing game at the office. Haih. Why? Well, it makes me more productive. Play some game, do some work. Play 1 level, do one task. That is productive, rather than I just stare moodily at the screen contemplating what in the world is their problem are. The game kinda rushes some adrenalin surge through my brain. Excuses Excuses. But hey, its true. I got a lil cold in the head as what my Anne-ish book always said. So everything seems, soo not worth it to think about at the moment. This kinda jolt it up a bit. But let's just enjoy the downtime of the proxy and enjoy the game while we still can.

Oh yeah, before any of you boys get all excited and ask if I play some games *roll eyes* alike to Resident Evil or Warcraft or whatever it is you are into now, well I am never am much of a gamer except for Sims! ( I still think it sucks that Sims kept on selling Sims Life and Sims City, but there is no Sim Safari or Sim Hospital anymore) Big strategy game gave me headache and tend to make me swore. I am more of a click, click, click.... Win.. Next Level. Click, click, pause, click. Arrr. Mati.. Habis (sound effect from one advert of the radio station) Lose. Games like from the site Popcap (They had lessened the number of games?) , Orisinal (Some of the game are irritatingly too cute) or alike to that. Quick. Fast. Now see what I meant by productive. LOL.

Actually I am still trying to not bankrupt McDonald. A game I picked up from MetaCafe.


Unta@Jitra said...

Men je game kecik2 tu... mmg addictive... sampailaa kt stage yg kite mmg xleh nk proceed sb susah sgt...

Aku pantang kalo game susah2 ni... asal dah susah 2-3 kali attempt, fed-up, terus malas nk men... hahahaha

Anyway ade lg game kecik2 yg agak best len dr popcap... ade reflexive arcade... ade gamehouse... ade yg flash pon byk... yg paling best style escape the room ala2 blue, red, white room (takagism)... nak tau byk game2 ni bole g kt forum nordinho...

Macam2 ada~~

Snubby, Don of Anime said...

ataupon ko beli saje PS2 (dah murah dah skang).

Byk game kecik2 tpi menghiburkan. hehehehe.

Dila said...

Hahah. Tq. Bole aku surf tu jugak. Aku dh muak dh ngan pop cap. Satu lagi suke addictinggame.com. Tapi game2 kat situ kenkdg ngarut sgt.

Huhuhu.. aku bukan main sgt PS2. Aku penah gile gile main PS sbb nk main Harry Potter aje . LOL. Tu pon time cuti UTP dulu. Skang ni tadek masa la. Huhuhuh.

Game kecik2 tu mmg menghiburkn

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