Thursday, February 23, 2006

Seize the Moment

I had a dream last night. Just as so someone wouldn't misunderstand me when I say 'Mimpi Best' :p, Nooo. Not that dream lar. Actually it is more harmless than what he perceived.

I dreamt I was interacting with this guy. We were not doing anything for your information to the dirty minded. More like planning on some events and he bake cake (I must be really hungry even when I slept) and I woke up when our hands touch. The guy? The tall, fair looking, longish hair. (The type I usually catch myself lookin at). And I really hate to wake up because that guy is so familiar to me.

Thinking back when on my bed. I remembered who the guy my dreams reminded me of. I did not dreamt of him actually. More like someone look like him. Better looking. (Well, it is my dream. I can make my dream guy as handsome as I want whut).

Anyway. I got to thinking that we had not contacted each other for a long time. And who's fault is that? Me or Him?

I noticed him when I was first being interviewed at my previous company. Really. Romantic stories? Not. No romance in this stories. Kinda like my head went "Hey, he's cute".

Then when working there, I am glad to know he is not among the peoples who irked me. You know. The always hanging beside you asking embarrassingly pointed questions that wanted to embarrass you. Or the bored looking one looking askance at the new employee.

He is the friendly type who smiled whenever we chanced one on another. Just smile and laughed whenever I was doing stupid things on a job or helped me on when I am stumbling with the many many files I had to store. So a decent soul with a look to boot! 1 point there.

Then I was transferred to his department. We come in much better contact and got to know each other better. He was highly amused with my ability to guess his age with 1 guess. But I am a bit shy with guys I like so I just stick around with the girls. I don't want to invite gossips too. So why searched for disaster right?

So before I resigned, he reminded me several times to give me my number since I always forget. I did. And when I went back to the office to pass up some things, he ask me to call him. Which I never did.

We did sms. But I found out he played my kinda game. I sms you first. Then later on, you need to sms me back first. He sms me first one day. I sms him first the next week. He sms me first the next week after that. And I never did after that . I guess I want to see if he does really want to sms me.And he didn't.

So telling my friend of this guy on how we ceased to sms each other. He asked . "Then , why don't you? Contact or sms him again."

Several months had passed already when I told my friend this. I think a little and said. " The moment has passed. It is too late now."

I guess I did missed the train then. Did I regret it? It would be fun to think of the what might have been. However, no. My heart do not sink considerably when I think of this guy. (only other guy :p) Regret? No. Not the might have been of the romance thingies. Only the might have been of discovering on how much fun is he.


mangifera said...


wah...this entry remind of romantic moment in your dream at pompei... it's just a dream, a very sweet dream but like other sweet things, it's give lasting sweetness taste in your mouth. enjoy it while you can...

shu said...

i enjoyed reading this. i think i can understand your feeling when u didnt sms him and wanted to see whether he sms u again.

there's someone out there for us. but i guess u got one already, rite?

ska_ocean said...

hahah~ but i dun get any yet... hahah~ and i enjoy this kinda mimpi mimpi things... as i never have one.. ade la, sekali.. that was when Billie Joe of Greenday ajak date... wahahah~ but, the more i read your blog (and Shu's) the more i think how "grow up" u all have grow... sbb aku kalo org tu x sms, aku buat x tau jer smp bile2.. pendendam mcm kanak2 rebina.. *aku tgh ngantuk ni.. esok cuti! yey~

iceroll said...

it is never too late for anything.

alaa ko aje yg ego. hehe. cuba buang ego tuh skit. nothing to lose pun kan. try aje sms balik aku jamin die sure reply. aku berani taruk jari la

Dila said...

dueng: Yeah. Kinda like a sweet memory.

shu: Yeah.. like.. does he like me enough. Heh.

Haha, I want that one to be the one. But we can just wait what life had to offer.

lee: hahaha.. growing aje lee (shu mungkin tak kut :p) . In term of mind wiseness tu tataw la.

iceroll: waahh.. is that a bet? Prepare to lose a finger?

Zer0k3wL said...

a chance squandered is a chance lost - looks like someone is in dire need of company, BIG TIME!

Patience is virtue - be strong and probly things will materialize

Tip of the day..even short moments left void throughout a certain period can make things ackward between too ppl..esp d opposite sex..double record important hp me!

Snubby, Don of Anime said...

ini mimpi ke btol?? konfius pakcik. and here i thought u already given up on men..

Dila said...

Zerok3wl: yups.. if something went amiss and we dont talk to each other for a long time, things can be awkward

snubby: huhuhu.. tu kisah dulu2 laa lan. Given up already . :p cuma terigt kisah lama aje. Saje saje reminiscence.

ska_ocean said...

kwang kwang kwang! giving up on men or giving up on love? hahahah! i prefer giving up on love but not on men... siyes beb, dun put damn hope on men for love... ~lalalala~

Dila said...

heh.. given on up men. Not love. Lady love!

Hahahaha.. i want a grand ol love.

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