Sunday, February 19, 2006


You know how guys like to blame gals who are in a bad mood because of PMS? And you know how gals can give lame excuse for being horrible because of PMS?

To tell you the truth , there is a grain of truth for that. Some guys went on and on, why does it happened? Why does their gf suddenly lashed out at them? To quote Vincent, its not their fault that we are bleeding.

Those kinda remarks is a bit irritating. And usually girls will say... "No , I am not!!!" which of course after saying this, the girl will then look like Medusa , where in spite of hair of snakes, she will have hair like fires, and eyes slit menacingly and the guy who had just before this been complaining of PMS took a step back and mumbled about something like "Dunno" or "Gotta go".

I don't like blaming things on PMS. But sometimes despite trying to deny the fact of life, I saw that I can be a tad bit emotional during those PMS times. I mean really emotional. And really bad moodiness. Which of course , I would make this up to the person I did horrible things to! I promise! Really! I don't mean to be such a pain really. Estrogen you know. Gotta blame those.

Anyway. As much as I can admit that my estrogen can get a hold of my life sometimes. It is really more annoying if a guy wanting to have that excuse. Noo. I don't meant a guy wanting PMS of their own. Its more like, we are like pissed off because he is late/ did not kept promise/ did a really horrible thing. And he goes on and on in this understanding tone " Ohhh... Is it that time of the month, I should have known. I meant I have calculated it. And I should have been more understanding to you during this hard time.."

I can just sputtered. I meant. Like. What? I am not PMSing. Even if I were. Its got nothing to do with it in the first place. Whenever a guy will say that kinda thing while we are actually restraining ourself from wringing their neck, I felt like stamping up and down and say ..."Nooo, No. This is your fault. You ain't not gonna blame this on my hormones. All of this blame is going on you. Since it is your fault in the beginning."


mangifera said...


i scroll down, expecting the finishing word yet nothing came out. are you PMS today? :P . jk only...

but most of the time, girl really get mad during PMS. but, using that as excuse if damn lame. i mean, on both side, either guys or girls.

guys shouldn't lamely use that (or sinis-ly use that) and make their gf mad. come on, be macho a bit. admit your wrong doing. even when she not in PMS, you also can see she mad rite?

and girls, not because you're PMS, it's a MUST for guy to understand you at that moment. well, we can understand but show some hint or the most effective way, OPEN UP your mouth and tell us that you don't want to be disturbed. easy rite?

well, on the bright side, you can avoid big fight from happened. don't just tarik muncung 14 and wat muka bengkek. if i the bf, sikit2 terasa jugak hati especially when you're doing nothing wrong.

work it out...nothing impossible.

nawaba said...

uh'd i get here? *looks around left and right*

i nearly made the error of coherently commenting on this entry when suddenly my concious screamed not to. tricky waters to wade in here!


hi dila..whats up at McAfee?? hehe.

obefiend said...

hey ya! PMS. living with 4 lovely sisters taught me one thing. PMS stands for Pergilah Main Sorang2. never bother yor women during that time of the month.keep your distance for the next 5-7 days and all will be hunky dory. and contrary to popular beliefs, some men also suffers from PMS. they need PMS on regular basis. what is this pms i'm talking about?

Pre Marital Sex


Snubby, Don of Anime said...

Hahahaha! Nice one effi! Pre Marital Sex. Mcm tau2 saja kamu ini.

Well dila, from guys perspective, or at least from me..huhuhu, this PMS-thingy ni only joke. Harsh joke. Aku paham perasan ko, biler marah jer mesti org relate kan? btol? Walaupon bukan time utk itu.

Stereotype laa lebih kurang. Coz in most cases pompuan akan marah biler..ehem2, so lame2 lekat lah generalization. Its politically incorrect yet allowed. Nak ubah mindset org lelaki ni bukan senang...huhuhu.

Dila said...

dueng: The bottomline is being understanding. Haha.. but you know . Its not like we knew we will PMS. After the storm had gone, then we knew. Mcm tu la.

nawaba: peachy. Loads of emails , thank you :p

obefiend: LOL. Or they gey cranky?

Snubby: Haha.. but tu mungkin betul kalo marah sbb PMS. Tapi tadekla slalu. Sooo.. snang kate tayah refer kat org tuh. Dari tak PMS jadi terus PMS. Hahaha

iceroll said...

ko tgh pms ke dila?

Anonymous said...

patut le ko marah arituh. hehehe


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