Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Bachelor

Oh, the time has come again! Remember around this time last year I got so hooked on The Bachelor and I gave weekly commentary on it?

Well, I don't really like reality shows. But really. This I gotta see. Last year Bachelor is kinda like a wuss to me. This year. Wow. I like. Definitely my type. He is an ER doctor. If I am hospitalised, I want him to be my doctor.

Seriously, very cute. The way he talks reminded me a lil bit of Logan from Gilmore Girls. By the way his name is Travis. And why ar, whenever they showed the Bachelor having a good time, it must be playing football and running around with dog. How typical and boring. Probably if it is the Bachelorette, it will shows the girl walking down the beach , at almost sundown, one hand holding back wind blown hair. ::yawning while remembering image::

And it made me remembered, reading the profiles of all the girls on the perfect date, half of them said something around like candlelight dinner, or sitting at fireplace, or spa, or walked down the beach. I meant really? You really think you enjoyed it?

Candlelight dinner - it is hot, and you can't see your date well, and you sure damn well can't see the menu well and probbaly just jab something to the waiter blindly. If it is outside, definitely no kipas , so mosquitoes bit you. Never sexy.
Sitting beside a Fireplace - Oh just come right out and say you want to have sex.
Spa - This is so like a girly adventures out. Guys would be bored out of their mind. Unless you are dating a metrosexual of course.
Walk down the Beach - So overrated. Only walk is it? Man, I will put it to swinging from a rope from a tree and went splash down into the sea. Now thats fun. Walked? Nah. You get all sandy and sweaty without the fun of bathing. Blargh!

How fun. I think I am gonna compared the profiles again and see if he picked some these boring women.

Anyway.. this time around I promised I won't give weekly commentaries on it. And this time around the Bachelor seems to like brunette. Got a few blondes. The usual models. But the dark haired one really shine. I meant they are beautiful. I don't envy his position. Wait, probably most guys envy his position.

You got to meet beautiful women. Got to choose the most beautiful and most you liked and rejecting others withouts the girl saying something like "You liar". Since this is a game. It is simply a game. The girls get all jealous and all lament and cried and us viewers felt like screaming "You already agreed to go on a date with a single guy along with 25 others. Get over it!!". But what is reality show without a lil drama eh.

I got some of my favorite girls. I like Susan . She's really beautiful and always smiled even though not so cool. I like Sarah, the Canadian girl. She's really cute and showed herself a bit different from others. I liked Moana, since she's hold a little something back and seems surprised. The others, I need to wait and see first.

Oh yeah I am hooked.


mangifera said...

i wish someone will provide the series here at utp. i want it so bad..cause it's so damn boring here. *sigh*

anyway, no reality show without drama. really really. hehehe...the best reality show with drama is survivor. so damn real. conspiracy. liar. hatred. greedy. hehehe...

but we do enjoy to see them fighting each other, it's such an awesome feeling to see others not happy with their life. hahaha...

taqiyuddin bakir said...

i always imagine those bachelorettes walking down fifth avenue holding shopping bags.

Dila said...

Dueng: reality show have more drama. Hahaha.. Oh well.. kalo rajin can provide.. but bese. Kalo tak tunggu ajelah astro

Taqi: dont think so. That only for paris hilton kut. I think if they shows the bachelorette walking down with lotsa shopping bags sporting labels like LV, Gucci and Monolos, the guys would have a heart attack to woo her.

iceroll said...

ok i'll sit beside a fireplace then

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