Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Valentines day. Yeah, right. It really does irk me when peoples say 'kafir la sambut Valentine day'. When actually this kind of peoples ( I am of course talking about Moslem) is the one boozing and clubbin and think women are toys. Excuse me, while I puke when you lectured me about. Man , I don't need that kind of lectures from that kind of peoples.

You know what? Sod it. I don't feel like blogging anyway. Not about Valentine. Not about going back to JB. Not about feeling shitty because of something that I couldn't comprehend on what's the hell went wrong or gone bad.

Why? As I always say. Does anyone ever care? Really? You care an uppance of what I might say? Or you are just trying to find something to twist me around and let me writhe? Let me just laugh.

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