Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I spoke too soon

That birthday post if you noticed was posted in the morning.

Then during lunch hour, I got my birthday cake and the singing and blowing out candles. Yes. I was not spared. But it was sweet of them. The cake was great and one of my favorite. Blueberry Cheesecake. Eat your heart out. (Well only at that moment) Courtesy of the office and chose by Kran there.

They got a pretty agitated at first thinking that I had gone out for lunch. It was a surprise thingies if you guys had not figured it out yet. No worries... I had only set out to satisfy my dairy craving. On top of that I am not cake hungry anymore.

However got some more suprises.

Unpleasant one first. Got like a "bubble" ( some kind of voicemail ) from someone later that evening. After finishing work then I proceed to dial away to hear whatever that person wanna say. It turned out horrendous.

Oh no.. someone do not berated me or anything like that. Some guy was actually playing the guitar and warbled along to the Happy Birthday song! Worst. Birthday. Present. Ever.

Does he thinks it is cute? Or I would swoon? Or I would gush later on saying " how nice is your voice and I really like your singing "? Or I would be oh-so-smitten? Bleurgh. It boggles me thinking what he might be thinking.

How I cringed hearing it and hope I had never heard it before. Wipe the memory of my mind, please! ::wails:: It just spoilt my birthday! ::stomp feet:: ::stomp feet:: And realllllyyyy..... why does guys keep on saying
" Alaa... die wat camtuh.. nanti ko cair jugak ".

Really, YOU THINK? ::shake heads:: Sometimes there are something that guys just do not understand.. or how some other guys can really be such a pest (to put it mildly). Its not that I don't like him (Ok, I lied. I DON'T like him) It just that he is soo erm disturbing and makes me uncomfortable. Argh... Okay. This is turning out to a rant.

Turn back the ditsy mode back on. The more pleasant surprise. My friend from UTP, Snubby a.k.a Lan gave me a SMS saying he will be in KL later on this evening and ask to blanje dinner as birthday treat, later at night. I say night cause I know his time. Yeay!

Later on more surprises !
Syuk and Yoda was there too. ( I mistakenly thoughts Yoda was Iyayy) But both of them back then are roomies, always together and gayish , you can't actually think about one without thinking the other. Yoda is now traumatized by the comparison mistake. We then picked up Yunkies too . More Yeay! The girls are a bit tired, and the guys don't change a bit.

Its such a nice day ... thank you guys and girls.

Notes: Am Reading Narnia (Birthday Gifts) !!!


nawaba said...

u know, if me and haikal were a little more crazier on that day, you would've gotten cotton candy too! alas, neither one of us wanted to be seen in public straddling a huge pink cotton candy around KLCC.

still, happy birthday kiddo!

Dila said...

It would be kinda funny to imagine haikal holding a cotton candy... Somehow suit him in a weird kinda way.


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