Sunday, November 27, 2005

Re -Tag

Lee had re-tagged me, so this is it a bit past the deadline I promised her. Since I am much too lazy to redo it again I will just paste it. Haha. . However, there are one other title that was not included earlier. So there it is below, the one that is not italicize.

Seven things you plan to do before you die:

1. Volunteer work

2. Go to Pompeii

3. Have mindless sex. No? Ok. Change that to getting married.

4. Watch Phantom of The Opera or Chicago, live! (That meant the grand ol stage baby!)

5. Learn back all my lost musical skills

6. Pay back my loans!

7. Look him at the eye at least once.

Seven things I cannot do (OK this is not included in the last post):

1. Sadly , cooking. But hey.. I am sure am a natural. Once I have the time. Or energy. Or do not burn the house. Or got over fear of fire.

2. Say No when somebody I like ask to do something. Bah!

3. Live without streamyx. Life would be so dull indeed when I cannot download things.

4. Show sympathy when the occasion rise for it. I just don't eh. Call me cold.

5. Lose weight to measly 45 kg. Bloody hell. (Why being underweight appeal to me. CLOTHES )

6. Swim. No matter how hard my dad used to drown me ajar swimming , I could not swim to save my life. But hey.. I do think fast when my life depends on it.

7. Go out with (currently there are 2 or 3 in the list) . No need to name em. Afraid will muntah darah or die of repugnance.

Seven things I could do ( I do not quite understand this part):

1. Give more to charities , not own clothes welfare Updates: (Am seriously lacking here)

2. Slim down more. OK. That is impossible. I change it to buy more expensive clothes! Updates: (More clothes, yes. Expensive..soon..soon)

3. Buy Chronicles of Narnia and finish it before the movie come out in December. Updates: (Yes , 2 more books to go. Kacang putih saja to finish it by next weekend)

4. Buy new handphone. Update: (Been there, done that)

5. Sleep less. Dream more. Update : ( Hopeless Dila. Cannot do this)

6. Go out with more peoples. Update: (1 or 2 more count eh?)

7. Go to Langkawi with my friends Updates: ( Oh man, I missed kak mel wedding)

Seven celebrity crushes:

1. Matsumoto Jun :: heart skip more than a beat I assure you ::

2. Fujiki Naohito :: swoon ::

3. Matthew McConaughey

4. Ashton Kutcher

5. Ryan Reynolds

6. Ewan McGregor

7. Angelina Jolie ( I know, I know.. but who wouldnt eh?)

Seven often repeated words:

1. Ape?

2. Whut?

3. Huh?

4. Hahahhaha

5. Hurmph

6. Eeeeeeewk~

7. .......................

Seven physical traits I look for in the opposite sex :

1. Tall

2. A bit fair

3. Nicely built shoulder

4. Gorgeous soft hair. Not too slick, just enough that I can rumple.

5. Strong looking hand

6. That little smile

7. The half smiling eyes

Seven tags go to : None.


eL said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Dils!!! Seems to me you had a really fantastic birthday!!! While I was reading your list, I came across (Oh man, I missed kak mel wedding), and I was wondering whether it could be the same Mel. Because I just went to Mel's wedding a couple of weeks ago. Just wondering. That's all. Do take care of yourself. And have fun always!!!

Dila said...

Thanks El. Its a fantastic for my level .. huhu.

This Mel wedding was in Langkawi last week (I think). The husband side will be in Permata, Bangi on the 24th.

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