Monday, November 21, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me...


My birthday. I'm turning 23. Yeuch! Sounds so old... like can get married already.

My first birthday celebrated while working.. Eh, not really la. I had celebrated once during my industrial training. Still at that time my birthday was on the weekend, so can celebrate kaw kaw punye.

Now my birthday on Monday. Bluergh. Monday Blues. Thank Heaven I started work on Sunday. The blueness don't feel that bad. And I feel glad that no one at work remembered my birthday today. Cause I hate birthday songs sang to me ( I like to sing to others inaudibly) and blowing candles in front of others. I like to do them alone despite whatever Tiger Beer Advertisement might want to convey. (The best things in life are shared or you are a lone freak) I am sure their CEO don't feel that way. But I do like cakes, no matter whose birthday is that .. hermm.. will buy cakes if feel cake hungry at end of day and perhaps stick some post Raya 'bunga api' in a cake and sing to myself.

However I do like to thank you for those who wishes me a happy birthday ... started from midnight and till this morning. You guys and gals are sweet to remember my birthday and wishes me well even though I am a forgetful friend who always wishes those lucky one a belated birthdays and sometimes forget their birthday terus! My birthday resolution this year is to keep a list of my Friends birthdays and always try to at least wish them a belated birthday. Gambatte!

And I will just thank those in advance who will wishes me and come bearing gifts. I prefer them wrap in red ribbons and come in big boxes , thank you.


[suff] said...

i barely know this girl, in fact, come to think of it, i dun even know her, but since i'm a fan of heineken's ads instead of tiger beer's, they said "Strangers are friends you've never met" or sumthin like dat, heh, hepi besday girl!

Dila said...

Thank you.

No worries, I barely know you but still hey.. thank you.

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